Who Am I ?

... a theoretical physicist working to understand the fundamental properties of quantum systems ...

I am a Lecturer in the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS), Nanyang Technological University. I also hold the appointment of Assistant Director of the C.N.Yang Scholars Programme, where I take care of curriculum matters, and scholars' club activities. At SPMS, I am also the Director of a newly-conceived undergraduate programme called the Odyssey Programme, which aims to attract and nurture students who are passionate in the fields of study at the School.

I received my PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with my advisors Sue Coppersmith and Mark Friesen on quantum dot spin qubits in silicon. Prior to that, I was an educator with the Singapore Ministry of Education. Education and Physics are my core passions. I work on the theory of solid state quantum devices with applications to quantum information processing. One of my main motivations is to make progress towards a deeper understanding of the foundations of quantum theory. The deeper one goes into the quantum-ness of physical phenomenon, the less intuitive it gets, and the closer to philosophy it becomes. This fascinates me, and I often wonder at the profound meaning behind quantum theory and Zen, both of which have parallels in their view of the nature of reality.


Quantum Dot Spin Qubits (Grant: MOE AcRF Tier 1, 2017 - 2019.)

I am interested to study how fundamental properties such as decoherence scale with the size and complexity of networks of localized electron spins in the solid state. Specifically, I am interested to understand the mechanisms of noise on the various proposed semiconductor quantum dot spin qubit designs. On the exploratory side of things, I am looking at novel material systems for making qubits with spin and valley characters.

Currently (AY 2018-19) working on projects related to this grant are Mr Feng MengKe (Project Officer) and undergraduate students Joel Yuen (Final Year Project) and Gan Beng Yee (Work-Study-Scheme).

I welcome Physics and CNYSP undergraduates to work on related projects. Drop me an email.

Physics Education: Making and Tinkering with Computational Thinking (Grant: MOE Academies Fund Tier 1, 2017 - 2019.)

The ubiquity and low cost of open source software, making and tinkering tools and 3D printing enable Physics teachers to create innovative pedagogies that bring together theory, experimentation and computation -- the three pillars of science. With Dr Ho Shen Yong, Dr Michael Tan and Ms Anna Chew, we are redesigning labwork with some MOE teachers.



Asst Prof Bent Weber, SPMS/NTU (Weber Lab)
Dr Ho Shen Yong, SPMS/NTU (Link)
Dr Michael Tan, NIE/NTU (Link)
Assoc Prof Kwek Leong Chuan, CQT/NUS and NIE, IAS/NTU (Link)
Asst Prof Ng Hui Khoon, CQT/NUS and YNC/NUS (Link)
Mr Kwong Chang Jian, formerly CQT/NUS, now Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, in Prof Schiller's group.
Dr Adrian Kuah, LKYSSP/NUS (Link)


Project Officers
Anna Chew, SPMS/NTU (Project: Science Education Research)
Feng MengKe, SPMS/NTU (Project: Quantum Dot Spin Qubits)


I welcome motivated undergraduate students to work with me on projects! Just drop me an email.

Students (Current projects)
Radha Krishnan (PhD Student, co-supervised with Asst Prof Bent Weber)
Joel Yuen (Undergraduate; Final Year Project: Lindblad Master Equation - Application to Tunnelling Current)
Gan Beng Yee (Undergraduate; URECA Project: Quantum Master Equation Approaches to Tunnelling Current)
Soh Zi Yuan (Undergraduate; Final Year Project: Hearing Shapes)
Joseph Sebastian Ang (Undergraduate; CY2001: Wigner's Friend and Hardy's Paradoxes)

Students (Past projects)
Joel Yuen (Undergraduate; Project: Noise in Quantum Dot Spin Qubits)
Zhu Pei (Undergraduate; FYP: Numerical simulation of Tesla Valve)
Lee Tuck Chong (Undergraduate; FYP: Leakage in Spin Qubits)
Lim Zhi Yuan (Undergraduate; URECA: Thermomagnetic model of Curie Point Engine)
Jeremy Lian (Undergraduate; URECA: Thermomagnetic model of Curie Point Engine)
Erico Tjoa (CN Yang Programme Undergraduate; Project: Electron-Phonon Decoherence in a Charge Qubit)
Kon Wen Yu (CN Yang Programme Undergraduate; Project: Spin Dynamics in Halide Perovskites)
Yeoh Kirk Ming (CN Yang Programme Undergraduate; Project: Bell Tests in Solid State Quantum Dots)
Livardy Wufianto (Graduated; currently working in data science at Micron. FYP: Quantum State Transfer)


Physics journals

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This article was awarded “Editor’s Suggestion” with an accompanying Viewpoint.

1. C.B.Simmons, T.S.Koh, N.Shaji, M.Thalakulam, L.J.Klein, H.Qin, H.Luo, D.E.Savage, M.G.Lagally, A.J.Rimberg, R.Joynt, R.Blick, Mark Friesen, S.N.Coppersmith, M.A.Eriksson, “Pauli spin-blockade and lifetime-enhanced transport in a Si/SiGe double quantum dot.” Phys. Rev. B 82, 245312 (2010). [article ; preprint]
This article was awarded “Editor’s Suggestion”.

Physics Education journals/conference proceedings

1. Y. P. Chee, S. K. Munirah, C. C. Lim, and T. S. Koh, On improving students understanding of the photoelectric effect. Proc. Third Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (2009), Singapore.

2. Y. P. Chee, S. K. Munirah, C. C. Lim, T. S. Koh, C. Y. Lau, D. Wong, Lyna, P. Lee, and S. K. Foong, On improving students understanding of the photoelectric effect. Proc. Frontiers in Science Education Research Conference (March 2009), ed. A. Bilsel and M. Garip (Famagusta: Eastern Mediterranean University Press).

Teaching, Awards and Outreach

Current Courses

Semester 1
CY1308 : Physics
Semester 2
PH2102 : Electromagnetism
Special Semester
Mathematics preparatory course for incoming Physics majors (now taught by Dr Chen Yu.)
Making-and-Tinkering (project mentor)


1. SPMS Teaching Excellence Awards (AY 2016-17)


1. Singapore and International Young Physicists' Tournament (Committee member)
2. Quantum Theory and the Nature of Reality. Invited talk to Hwa Chong Institution (College) Science and Math Talent Programme. (April 2015). pdf
3. Introduction to Computational Modelling with Python for Sec/JC SYPT students. (Sep 2016).zip
4. Professional Learning with JC Science teachers.

Professional Activities


1. Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament. 2013 -
2. IOC member, International Young Physicists' Tournament. 2017 - .
3. Trainer, Singapore team for Asian Physics Olympiad. 2013.
4. Textbook reviewer for Ministry of Education, Singapore. 2008, 2014.
5. Referee for peer-reviewed journals.
6. "Future of Learning", NEC. 2016.

Contact Me

Office: SPMS-PAP-03-08
21 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637371
Tel: +65 6514 1066
Fax: +65 6795 7981
Email: kohteckseng @ ntu.edu.sg (remove spaces)