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There's still so many things to learn in juggling. I guess I am still at the 'infant' stage. I am not rushing to accomplish everything in the book. Just want to take my time and enjoy every step of the journey.

This page is just to document the tricks I learnt over time. So that when I look back, I can say "Hey - I did learn some new tricks this year!".

What's up?

Right now I am trying to consistently hit 200 catches with 5-balls. Hopefully can reach 300 catches soon.

Koah Fong, 2/Aug/01

5 ball progress (for those >= 200 catches):
208 catches (14/Dec/01)
215 catches (30/Jul/01) <-- new record!
150 catches (30/May/01)
190 catches (30/May/01)
201 catches (early June 01) <-- first time hit 200 catches.

5 ball progress (for those >= 100 catches):
100 catches (30/May/01)
107 catches (30/May/01)
177 catches (30/May/01)
100 catches (22/May/01)
103 catches (7/May/01)
125 catches (15/Apr/01)
123 catches (11/Apr/01)
103 catches (6/Feb/01)
159 catches (23/Aug/00)
110 catches (23/Aug/00)
104 catches (20/Aug/00)
110 catches (2/Aug/00)
103 catches (28/Jun/00)
101 catches (31/Oct/99)
113 catches (15/Aug/98) <-- 1st time I hit over 100

What I am practising/ have recently learnt?
Latest Trick # Balls/
Date achieved
3 ball up 180o pirouette. 3 Managed to do a few cycles. Wonder why I did not try it last time? Next time to try 3 ball up 360 pirouette?
7 ball 3 person trick 7 Taught by Allen Knutson when he visited Singapore. Involves 3 person putting and taking balls on the floor in precision. No juggling required.
The Kraken 3 Looks like Mills Mess with some pauses.
5 ball Gandhini Passing 5 Very neat and simple (after you got the hang of it) trick that can be done by two persons who knows 3 ball cascade.
Taught by Tess Cartwright when she visited Singapore in Feb 2012.
Georgian Scuffle 3 Very cool trick invented by Steve Hogan. It looks like a complex extension of Georgian Shuffle done both sides.
Symmetrical Georgian Shuffle 3 I remembered learning this trick before in the past. But interesting to refresh.
Romeo's Revenge 3 Very challenging trick from Michael Karas.
Mangham Mangle 3 Interesting trick with loops I first saw on Youtube.
Found another tutorial at Mangham Mangle and re-learnt it again unknowingly. (Aug/2011)
Burkes Barrage with and "Active Carry" 3 The "carried" ball is toss to the other side.
Exchange/Pendulum/Drop (both sides) 3 Stumbled upon this variation after learning Sandbox Shuffle. The constant switching makes have the effect of balls dropping from both sides.
Exchange/Pendulum/Drop with loops (both sides) 3 Stumbled upon this loop variation after learning Sandbox Shuffle.
Sandbox Shuffle 3 Created by Michael Karas. Learnt from Singapore Jugglers
Both sides Shuffle incorporating loops 3 Stumbled upon it.
3-ball machine with the "carry" from bottom instead of the top 3 Taught to me by Tze Yeong.
3-ball shower with a box 3 Showering 3 and suddenly slowing down for one throw of the box; then back to the shower.
5551 with the "1" done behind the back 4 My first trick learnt for 2004. Had been quite slow in picking up.
53133 3 Such a simple trick but finally manage to get it going at both sides. Should be able to do the 531 fairly soon.
Box & Factory 3 Machine with Box throws.
WindMill with hands in switched position (Inverted WindMill?) 3 Try doing a normal Wind Mill but changed the positions of the hands on the upper and lower. A bit weird at first. But afterwards, it feels like and "Over the Top" behind thrown tightly.
Georgian Shuffle with loop 3 Same as normal Georgian Shuffle but do a 2-in-1 hand with the "faked ball" using the LH. The RH, while holding a ball, does a loop around one of the balls before catching the other as a multiplex ready for next throw. Looks quite interesting. Came up with this variation while experimenting with loops.
Georgian Shuffle under the leg 3 Same as normal Georgian Shuffle but passing the multiplex balls under the left leg. This trick came into my head on my way to work this morning. :)
Cyclo II 3 A trick very similar to "Big Fish". See
Cyclo I 3 A trick similar to "Shoulder Cruncher". Just that the column balls are thrown in outward manner. See
The Chainsaw 3 See Managed to extend it to both sides.
Multipopper 3 Think I got that trick. But not sure.
Pirouettes 3 Guess what? I can do a 1b pirouette with ease now. Managed to do 2b version a few times too -- under HDB roof height. :)
YoYo with Loop 3 A combination of 432 and YoYo on both sides. Came up with this combination while experimenting with YoYo tricks.
Magic Break 3 Interesting move like "Grace". See
Swoop 3 Like Factory on both sides. See
Orbit 3 A combination of Infinity and Yo-Yo. See
Double Snatch 3 Like Georgian Shuffle. Note that the LH can do a loop round the falling ball before catching to make it more impressive. See
Flea Circus 3 Like Fast Weave but the column balls are thrown as reverse cascades. See
Big Fish 3 Something really, really cool and flowy! See
Double Window 3 Something based on Burkes Barrage. See
Stairs 2 Easy trick. See (18/5/2001)
Windmill with Fork 3 Cool trick. See
Double Fish 3 See
Single Fish 3 Cool trick. See
4b Multi-Windmill with Fork toss/catch (both sides, cross-arm) 4 The same pattern done with arms crossed!
4b Multi-Windmill with Fork toss/catch (both sides) 4 The same pattern done on both sides. The fork catch alternates.
4b Multi-Windmill with Fork toss/catch 4 Thought of this one lazy Saturday morning...
Start: RH clasps a ball (A) with another (B) resting on back-of-hand in a fork manner. LH holds the other two balls (C,D).
1) RH flicks up both A and B. RH reaches up to clasp B.
2) LH multiplexes C and D under RH. LH catches A and C.
3) RH cushions D in a fork manner.
4b Async with Fork tosses/catches 4 Got this idea after doing the Windshield Wipers. Throw 4b async. Then, while holding a ball, try cushioning the other catch with the fork method before tossing up again. Do this while the other hand is doing 2-in-1. Alternate for both hands.
Combination moves 3 This involves Shower, False Shower, Over-the-Top, fake-False Shower. Combine them one after another randomly. The effect is the balls all move in one direction but the pattern changes. Enjoy!
"fake False Showers" 3 Thought of this move recently. Do a false-shower. Then hold on to one ball but follow-through the pattern. This is the fake move. The other hand do a 2-in-1 hand throw. Do the fake once only to get an interesting effect.
Windshield Wipers 3 Quite a simple trick making use of some contact juggling moves. Something like the "slow-box" mentioned below.
5-ball Singapore Shuffle 5 This is getting more exciting. Thanks to Greg Philips for telling me how to do it. It's like a 5B Splits actually. Here's what he said:

I've just found a simple five ball version of the Singapore Shuffle in which every throw is a two ball multiplex. And it's not much harder than the four ball version! And it's simpler to describe! In fact, I'd almost go so far as to say that this is the Grand Unified Singapore Shuffle, all others mere pale imitations ;^).
Here's a brief description. Start with three balls in your left hand and two in your right*. Then execute the following jugglorithm:

LH: 2 up, hold onto the third
while not juggler.dropped:
LH: claw 1+1; RH: 2 up
RH: catch 1
RH: claw 1+1; LH: 2 up
LH: catch 1

Mixing 4b Multi-Mills Mess and 4b Multi-barrage 4 I found that these 2 tricks are basically the same. In 4BMMM, the hand catching the multiplexed balls do not swing out like in the 4BMB. So if the left is doing the one half of the 4BMMM and the right is doing one half of 4BMB, you get to see a high and low swing of arms. :)
63344 4 Throwing one of the balls during a 4b async pattern and do 2 throws of a 3b cascade with remaining balls. Go back to 4b async when last ball lands. Hope to progress from here to 6334 and then 633!
4b finsihing 4 A finishing move which I think is quite nice. From 4b async, toss one high and keep the other 3 in left hand. Catch the falling ball under the leg!
4b "chops" 4 Just go for it. Do the chopping action while doing the 4B Async. The balls never change hands.
441 variation 3 Throwing the 4s higher and passing the 1 behind the back. Tried that too with clubs but more difficult.
Exchange/Pendulum/Factory variation 3 Zip the horizontal ball round behind the head before releasing.
Multiplex Mills Mess 4 I think I got this pattern shown to me by Dominic. (20/2/2001)
4-Ball Singapore Shuffle 4 I am SO THRILLED to extend the Singapore Shuffle to 4 balls! The movie of the pattern can be found at (6/2/2001)

The details:

Start with balls A,B in RH; C,D in LH

1. RH (under LH): Multiplex throw A,B up.
(... both hands uncross and cross again ...)
2. RH (over LH): Claw A. LH: Multiplex throw C,D up.
(... both hands uncross and cross again ...)
3. While uncrossing, LH catches B and move clockwise to claw D.
As LH claws D, RH (under LH) throws A up.
(... both hands uncross and cross again ...)
4. While uncrossing, RH catches C and move anti-clockwise to claw A.
As RH claws A, LH (holding B,D under RH) is about to multiplex throw...

... mirror similar throws from Step 1.

The effect is:

2b up on left side
2b up on right side
1b up on left side
2b up on right side
2b up on left side
1b up on right side

Corresponding hand movements:

RH: 2up
RH: claw 1; LH: 2up
LH: catch 1
LH: claw 1+1; RH: 1up
RH: catch 1
RH: claw 1+1; LH: 2up
LH: claw 1; RH: 2up
RH: catch 1
RH: claw 1+1; LH: 1up


cascade variation #2 3 Tried this move over the weekend. It's the same as the earlier cascade variation #1 described earlier. But the hand holding the ball now swings in a bigger circle to the other side of the throwing hand before coming back to be thrown up. It gives a vigorous action more forceful than the chops!
wide reverse-cascade 3 Julian showed me this. Instead of throwing the "reverse-ball" into the centre of the pattern, we throw it straight up and the catching hand has to zip across the pattern to catch it.
"conveyor belt"? 3 I just made up that name for the trick I saw in a video. Trick description:
RH hold A in palm, B on wrist. LH hold C.
RH flicks A up and catches B.
LH places C on RH wrist and catches A.
... continue.
"slow box"? 3 I just made up that name for the trick I saw in a video. Trick description:
RH hold A in palm face down, B rest on back of hand. LH hold C.
LH throws C straight up and zips across to pick B.
Comes back with palm down holding B and cushions the fall of C on back of hand.
... mirror throws for RH.
1-up-2-up variation 3 Throw the "2-up" higher a little. Claw them later at their next catch.
More variation: Cross the "2-up" balls under both arms.
cascade variation #1 3 Stumbled on this move during Friday practise. During a cascade, just after a ball is caught, that hand sways outward a little at the same time as a ball is being thrown from the other hand. Then swing back again for the next throw and catch. DO this both hands and it gives a interesting hand movement even though it is only a cascade pattern.
Two-man cascade (one front, one back) 5 Tried this trick with Chi Minh. Each takes turn doing part of a 3b cascade.
Two-man chops (side by side) 5 Tried this trick with Chi Minh. A variation from the "two-man machine" but now done with chops!
Two-man machine 5 Tried this famous trick from "ClockWork" with Dominic. It's fast and looks pretty.
Carry to the Opposite Elbow
Flash and Cross-arm Cascade
Half Mess
Mills' simultaneous
See Saw variation
2-in-1-hand Tennis
3 These are various tricks and variations I learnt from the book "Beyond the Cascade". See pp. 9,11,33,40,45,59.
(December 2000)
"4b async to 5b cascade" 5 John showed me this trick. Balance one ball on head. Then do 4b async. Drop balanced ball into pattern to make 5b cascade. (24/10/00)
Fast weave 3 Learnt trick from a video. Simpler version of Shoulder Cruncher. (17/10/00)
"Behind the head" 3 Learnt trick from a video. Just like the "over-the-top" but that ball goes behind your head without looking.
Variation: Throw behind the head from one hand, turn body 60 deg in the same direction and catch with the other hand. Keep doing that and you can end up dizzy turning in circles. :) (17/10/00)
Slam 3 Like the Statue of Liberty, it took me until now to give it a go. Can do one-sided, the 2-sided version should be easy to pick up. (17/10/00) Now I can do both-sided. (19/10/00)
53133 Mills Mess 3 A Mills Mess with a low shower. From a video. (17/10/00)
4 clubs 4 Trying to learn this trick. Progress so far:
LH 2-in-1-hand: 23 (23/8/00)
RH 2-in-1-hand: 53 (23/8/00)
4-club fountain: 6 throws (24/8/00)
12 catches (26/9/00)
16 catches (13/10/00)
18 catches (31/10/00)
23,27,36,44 catches (29/5/01) <-- major break-through!
Shoulder Cruncher 3 Didn't know this trick had a name until I see it in a Kaskade magazine. I had seen half the trick practised by a guy at a gym in a BJC video. So I extended it to both side of the body. It really was exciting discovering the whole trick. (11/9/00)
"Double Factory" variation 3 Learnt this trick from someone I saw in a BJC video. Instead of carrying the ball in a right angled fashion before releasing, it is carried diagonally across to the other side. One of the ball remains straight as in Burkes Barrage and the other ball is carried and tossed to the other side under this ball. I think it is the same trick as the "turnover" done both ways with one of the throws being carried in a "Factory" manner. (21/Aug/00)
Inverted "Rainbow Cross" 3 Do a normal rainbow cross (1-up-2-up trick with the 2 ups crossing hands). But when the 2 balls are coming down, catch them and carry each to the other side, crossing your arms, throw straight up. Alternate the normal version and the inverted version and I think it is a great effect! (20/Aug/00)
Grace 3 Learnt it from Colin E. - Trick of the week after a suggestion by Chi Minh to learn it. (19/Aug/00)
2-in-1-hand multiplex 3 Learnt it from Chi Minh.
  1. Start with 3 balls in master hand.
  2. Throw 1st and 2nd ball up like a 2-in-1-hand throw - "columns" and not circular fashion.
  3. When 2nd ball lands throw it up as a multiplex with the remaining ball in hand.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 but with the multiplex with the other ball.
  5. The sequence is therefore:
    right ball up
    left ball up
    right multiplex
    left ball up
    right ball up
    left multiplex
If you can do this with right and left hand simultaneously, you could get a beautiful 6 ball trick with 3 balls in the air angled differently at each pair of throws. (19/Aug/00)
Orr Multiplex 3 Learnt this simple trick from the animation can be found in the JuggleMaster Java version juggling simulator at Isaac Orr's Home Page. (10/Aug/00)
4-ball Windmill 4 Learnt this trick from Mediatainment CD-rom. The instructions really helped. Didn't know I can do it quite easily. So looks like mastering 4-ball Mills Mess is just round the corner? (25/Jul/00)
4-ball Multiplex Shower 4 Managed to get this trick after hearing it mentioned in rec.juggling. But cannot sustain long. (24/Jul/00)
Statue of Liberty 3 Learnt this trick while at the East Coast beach. Had wanted to learn this trick long ago but couldn't get the timing right. Very happy! (23/Jul/00)
4-ball splits 4 This is easier that the 4-ball Double Split I stumbled upon last year. Saw the trick in Media Circus CD-rom. (13/Jul/00)
transition from 4-ball async fountain to 4-ball shower 4 Finally tried and got that trick! (12/Jul/00)
7 Club Passing (2-count) 7 Scott Harrison from The Sprockets taught me how to pass 7 clubs! I am feeling elated after a few runs. The pattern looks beautiful. (23/Jun/00)
The Orinocco Flow 3 Learnt this trick from Orinoco. (5/Jun/00)
Relf's Revenge 3 Learnt this trick from Orinoco. (5/Jun/00)
1-up-2-up variations 3 (1) Did a pass with the remaining ball behind the back after throwing the "2-up" higher. Inspired after watching it done on video. (21/May/00)
(2) While the "2-up" is thrown higher. Did a pass with the remaining ball under and up on the left or right side of the "2-up". (28/May/00)
4-ball false shower 4 Attempted the trick. Probably did one cycle. (12/May/00)
4-ball Mills Mess 4 Did about two cycles. (12/May/00)
High-Low Shower 3 Did the trick after watching it on Jason Garfield's JuggleMaster 2000 tape. (Apr/00)
6 balls (Async) 6 Managed to pull off a flash of 6 balls - 12 catches. (6/Apr/00)
Half Pirouette with 1 club 3 Managed to turn 180 degrees with one club thrown backwards in double spin. Will try to do a 3-club half or full pirouette next time! :) (13/Mar/00)
Multi-barrage 4 It's a 4-ball version of Burkes Barrage but easier since one of the throws is a multiplex. An animation can be found in the JuggleMaster Java version juggling simulator at Isaac Orr's Home Page. (28/Jan/00)
1-Up-2-Up (both sides) 3 A funny pattern based on the simple "1-Up-2-Up" pattern but done both sides. One of the throw involves carrying a ball underhand from one side to another. This gives a feeling of arms swaying from side to side and at one stage all 3 balls will form a horizontal straight line. (14/Jan/00)
V-catch with 3 clubs 3 Finally got this trick from Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling. Makes a nice finish to a club routine by catching the last club between the other two. (12/Dec/99)
Swallowing the ball 3 Learnt this humourous trick from Paul Isaak when he demonstrated it at the SRBF'99. Something like "Abacadabra" but one of the ball appeared to be swallowed and later thrown out. (Nov/99)
Fake back-crosses 3 Hilarious effect when people think you are really throwing back-crosses. (Nov/99)
Demetre Crank 3 Quite an interesting trick I learn from James Jay. (9/Nov/99)
4-ball Multiplex Wind Mill (Multiplex False Shower)
(Thanks to Multiplexdan for pointing out the name.)
4 This pattern is like a 4-ball Wind Mill (False Shower). I discovered it one night myself. It goes:

Start with 2 balls in each hand. Eg. Ball A,D in RH and B,C in LH.
  1. Throw 1 ball (A) from RH to LH in a tennis-like throw.
  2. LH goes under RH and throws 2 balls (B,C) split. (B) to be caught in LH, (C) in RH.
  3. LH catches (A) and (B). Hold on to the balls which is to be carried to under the right arm.
  4. Meanwhile, RH throws (D) to the left and catches (C).
  5. RH throws (C) to the left again and prepares to catch (D) again.
    (Like a 2-in-1-hand rolling towards the left.)
  6. At this time the LH should be under the RH and throws (A,B) to split like in Step 2.
  7. RH now catches (D) and carries to the right to be thrown again as in Step 4.
... and the pattern repeats itself. I will write both side version of this trick later. (20/Oct/99)
Neck placement 3 Similar to the Orang Utan but the balls are placed under the neck. (13/Oct/99)
Orang Utan 3 Simple but funny trick. Balls placed under the arm-pits. Learnt it from Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling. (13/Oct/99)
3 Rings 3 Learnt "Showers", "Half-shower face-on", "Tennis face-on". (Oct/99)
Fake Behind-the-Back (Fake side cascade) 3 Simple but funny trick. Basically a 2-in-1-hand rolling out. 3rd ball behind back doing nothing! Learnt it from "3 Ball Digest" book. (29/Sep/99)
4 Rings 4 Finally got something out of the Renegade rings my good sister brought back for me from USA. Need to work harder to keep it consistent! (24/Sep/99)
36 catches (28/Sep/99)
60 catches (30/Sep/99)
Mike's Mess 3 Learnt it from the description in Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling. Quite interesting as it follows the pattern of club swinging. (19/Sep/99)
Abacadabra 3 Learnt it from watching a video. Supposed to create some magical illusion while doing a 2-in-1 hand. (12/Sep/99)
Weave 3 Learnt it from the JuggleMaster program. Easy. (3/Sep/99)
Kick-ups, Throw-ins 4 Tried the kickup into "4 ball fountain" while doing a "3-ball cascade".
Fey Shien also tried throwing me a 4th ball while I did a "3-ball cascade" - only with about 75% chance of success. (Aug/99)
Pick up to 5 cascade 5 Tried picking up the 5th ball from a 4-ball fountain and then go into the 5-ball cascade. Not easy. (Aug/99).
5-ball Half Shower 5 Managed to get 4 Over-the-Tops. (28/Aug/99)
Managed to get 21 Over-the-Tops. (30/Mar/00)
5-ball Reverse Cascade 5 Managed to flash the pattern. (8/Aug/99)
5-ball Over The Top 5 Exhilarated when I got one of them over and back into the pattern! (25/Jul/99)
Relf's Revenge 6 3 Learnt this trick from a description on the newsgroup by Orinoco. Very much like Rubenstein's Revenge. (14/Jul/99)
423 (orbits) 3 Part of the Harrison Hang trick. Quite nice on its own. (8/Jul/99)
3-club Triple Spins 3 Really have to throw high - this one. And dare to catch them. (2/Jul/99)
12345 3 Chi Minh told me to try this trick. Which I did. (24/Jun/99)
3 clubs Chops 3 Managed a few chops with both hands. (23/Jun/99)
Flourishing with 3 clubs 3 A basic club move. Will try to flourish with both hands in future. (14/Jun/99)
Learnt to flourish with left hand too. (30/Jun/99)
4-ball Double Split
(Thanks to Multiplexdan for pointing out the name of the trick.)
4 This pattern still looks like a 4 ball fountain but with multiplex throws. I discovered it one night with much mind splitting practice. It goes:
  1. Start with 2 balls in each hand. Eg. Ball A,D in RH and B,C in LH.
  2. Throw 1 ball (A) from RH to LH.
  3. Throw 2 balls (B,C) from LH to split. (B) to be caught in LH, (C) in RH.
  4. RH do a self with remaining ball (D).
  5. LH do a self with (A).
  6. RH catches (C) and do not throw but waits to catch (D).
  7. LH catches (B) and throw to RH.
  8. RH now throws (C,D) to split. (C) to be caught in LH, (D) in RH.
...and the pattern repeats. It useful to count out like "left-split-1-2-right-split-1-2-left-split...". (1/Jun/99)
Turnover 3 Interesting trick I learnt from the book "Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling" by Charlie Dancey. (31/May/99)
Singapore Shuffle 3 I derived this trick from the Georgian Shuffle by doing with both hands alternately. It's quite easily derived but I wondered if anyone else has done it before. Anyway, I will name it as such until I find out. :)
The trick goes like this (best done with bean bags):
  1. Start with 2 balls (A,B) in right hand and 1 ball (C) in left hand.
  2. Start the normal Georgian Shuffle by throwing A and B together under the left arm.
  3. RH uncrosses and crosses over LH to claw-catch A.
  4. At about the same time, LH launches C and catches B.
  5. This is the part that is different. The LH, while holding B, uncrosses and crosses over RH and does a claw-catch at C again. It helps using bean bags.
  6. You will end up with arms crossed, left over right. LH with 2 balls (A,C) and RH with 1 (B).
  7. Throw the ball (B) in RH straight up.
  8. RH uncross and crosses over LH to claw-catch B again.
  9. LH throws the 2 balls (A,C) under the RH. Just repeat the mirrored action as described in step 2.
The trick still has the elements of Georgian Shuffle but with more clawing and arm crossing. (23/May/99)
Click here to download the movie file (2 MB).
See the text of the trick published in the May/June issue of JUGGLE Magazine at
531 3 Learnt it from Chi Minh. (19/May/99)
Got a few throws.
Reverse Mills Mess 3 I had actually stumbled upon this trick some months back. But lately was sad to find out it was not a new pattern after all. :(
Georgian Shuffle 3 Easy and visually nice trick! (19/May/99)
Learnt it from Colin E. - Trick of the week.
Learnt it with the other hand. (25/May/99)
5551 4 Learnt from Chi Minh.
Managed 3 or 4 cycles. (8/May/99)
Now can do a few good runs. (31/May/99)
Reach-over (& alternate), Reach-under (& alternate) 3 Learnt by watching JuggleMaster. Wondered why I couldn't do it last time? (25/Apr/99)
Exchange (Pendulum or Drop) 3 Learnt by watching JuggleMaster. Wondered why I couldn't do it last time? (25/Apr/99)
Extended Box (or Double Box) 3 Got it at almost my first try. (23/Apr/99)
5-ball Drop 5 Modification of the above 4-ball Drop. There's a drop at both sides. Only managed a few runs. (23/Apr/99)
8 ball passing at 2-count 8 Chi Minh and I got a bit of this rather difficult trick (21/Apr/99)
After that 7 ball passing at 2-count seem much easier!
* Rubenstein's Revenge 3 Difficult trick. Got it and wondered why was it so difficult? Took me more than two years figuring it out. But the page at JAG helped. (15/Apr/99)
4-ball Drop 4 Got a few good runs. Inspired by the John Teasdale tape. Still practising. (10/Apr/99)
Has better runs now on my right side.
4-ball Half Shower 4 Got it on 31/Mar/99. Still practising.
441 3 3-ball box-like routine. Taught by my friend Chi Minh. (15/Mar/99)
501 2 A two ball trick useful practise for 5-ball cascade. Taught by my friend Chi Minh. (15/Mar/99)
* 7 ball passing at 2-count 7 Chi Minh and I got this slightly easier (than at 1-count) trick going on 10/Mar/99
6 club passing at 4-count
with 1 thrown across to right hand at double-spin
6 Ben taught me this trick. Cool. (10/Mar/99)
7 ball passing at 1-count 7 Chi Minh and I got this awesome and messy trick going on 4/Mar/99
3-ball Back Crosses 3 Managed to cross 2 balls (22/Feb/99). Still practising.
Crossed 3 balls (1/Aug/99)
Crossed 4 balls (31/Aug/99).
3-club Double Spins 3 26 catches (22/Feb/99)
21 catches (2/Feb/99)
* 5-ball Cascade (100 catches) 5 113 catches (15/Aug/98)
Factory 3 Learnt this cool trick from Wee Lee at NUS. (29/May/98)
Burkes Barrage 3 Learnt this cool trick from Wee Lee at NUS. Supposedly easier than Mills Mess. (23/May/98)
4-ball Shower 4 Flash (Jan 1998), not much improvement so far.
Can do about 16 throws. (Mar/00)
3-ball half pirouette 3 Excited that I can do the trick. Did that while on reservist. :) (Oct/97)
Can do 2 or 3 of this trick consecutively. (May/00)
4-ball tennis 4 Got this seeminly difficult trick while at reservist. (Oct/97)
3-ball Shower 3 Should have learnt this trick long ago. The chops help me handle the speed. (25/Jun/97)
Did variations of passing the ball under the leg or behind the back. (Jan/00)
3-ball Chops 3 Learnt this trick from a French juggler Pierre at the SubStation. (22/Jun/97)
* 5-ball cascade 5 Very elated to get about 2 cycles. (8/Mar/97)
6 ball passing 2-count 6 Learnt this trick together with Chin Hui. (18/Sep/96)
Wind Mill (False Shower) 3 Was able to do it after learning Mills Mess. (Sep/96)
* Mills Mess 3 One of my favourite trick. Taught by Colin Ng at a beach in Sentosa. (3/Sep/96)
Box 3 A fun trick to learn. (6/Jul/96)
Managed to do it both sides. Nice too! (27/Sep/99)
Blind cascade 3 Got more than 20 catches. (1/Jan/96)
* I consider these tricks significant personal achievement

What I plan to achieve in my lifetime?
4-ball Mills Mess. Maybe 5-BMM if I can?
5-ball Reverse Cascade
7-ball Cascade
5-club Cascade

Learning tips are most welcome!

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