How I learnt 5-ball cascade?

"On a scale of 1 to 10,
learning how to juggle with three objects is a 2.
Learning how to juggle with four objects is a 5.
Learning how to juggle with five, figure 34."

- Juggling for the Complete Klutz


The 5-ball cascade is way much harder to learn than a 3-ball cascade or any of the 3-ball tricks. The reason is because there's too little room for mistakes. It is a landmark achievement for any juggler. As mentioned in many juggling books and from the experience of other jugglers, it will take months, even more than a year to achieve. So next time you see a juggler throwing 5-balls, stop and appreciate it. That juggler has worked very hard on it, even though it may last only a few seconds.

This trick has eluded me for many years. Every time I tried it, it left me frustrated. Imagine having to pick up 5 balls every time I drop them. I had no books or resources to help me then. But with the internet, I managed to get it.

Until one night in Dec 1996. Feeling inspired, I picked up my 5 bean bags and practised the 5-ball cascade. A smooth pattern began to emerge. After practising a few more weeks, I qualified for the trick!

I am not a master of this trick. I have only attain the century mark only once - the point where a juggler can get past 100 clean catches for 5-ball cascade. But, maybe I just share with you my learning experience. It's definitely is not the best method because each person will meet with different problems during the practise. Anyway, here goes:

Learning tips/ ideas

  1. I used small bean bags when I first learnt. I used home-made ones at about 70 grams each. This way, it avoided a lot of collisions. Since then I have moved on to heavier ones at 130g. I find this weight good as a start too.

  2. You hold three ball in your master hand and two in the other. Okay, okay - skip this step if you already know. :)

  3. Theory To throw 5-balls, the hands got to move faster and the height of the throws got to be higher. This way, there's enough time between throws or catches. Understanding this was what worked for me. To give you an idea, you can refer to the JuggleKrazy software. Noticed that the "crossing point" of 3-ball cascade is at the chest level. But for 5-ball cascade, it is just above the head.

  4. The below routines are good for beginners. They are taken from Dave Finnigan's The Complete Juggler.

  5. The Gizmo Guys gave me the below practice tips on improving my 5-ball cascade. They performed at the Singapore International Comedy Festival in 1998.
  6. Now for the real thing. You should be making good launches of the 5-ball cascade. Concentrate on making clean catches of them. Then later try to make one more throw and then one more ..... Soon you will be juggling 5!


At some time or other, you may face problems like the throws are not consistent in strength making the cascade lop-sided. Or maybe you are going in circles!

I too have this problem today, but I am working to improving it. Some ways of solving the problems are:

Lastly, there's no short-cut except to practice, practice, practice!

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