Meet my juggling friends

We have not been meeting regularly until recently. I was trying to revive the meetings by calling up some kakis to practise some passing. Here's one picture taken outside the Multi-Purpose Sports Hall at the National University of Singapore in September 1998.

Juggling at NUS
(Left to right) Terence Ho, Me, Chin Hui, Evelyn, Mabel, Wee Lee

Here's one important photo of the Singapore Jugglers taken at the old training ground at the Fat Frog Cafe of the SubStation. The new training ground is at the Youth Park. It is sheltered and so training can resume even if it rains!

Singapore Jugglers @ the Fat Frog Cafe

These are some pictures of my juggling/ busking friends taken by the NTU Photo-Videographic Society.

Julius Foo Julius Foo
Azmi Azmi

And of course ... Roy Payamal ... the master of them all.
Roy Payamal Roy Payamal Roy Payamal

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