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Tao Chen


Tao (Jonas) CHEN


Assistant Professor in Finance


Division of Banking & Finance
Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Technological University
S3-B1A-08, 50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798



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Tao Chen joined Nanyang Business School as an Assistant Professor in Finance in 2014. His research interest includes corporate finance and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, tax avoidance, earnings management, and banking and financial institutions. He has published his work in Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Journal of Corporate Finance. His papers have been presented at major finance conferences including AFA, WFA, EFA, FIRS, CICF, Finance Down Under, ECCCS, FMA, NTU ICF, AsFA, and Fed, and covered by Financial Times and VoxEU. He has received Outstanding Paper Award in 2014 Annual Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets and CUHK Young Scholars Thesis Award.


Selected Publications:

Journal Papers

7. “Institutional Shareholders and Corporate Social Responsibility (with H. Dong, and C. Lin), Journal of Financial Economics, Forthcoming, 2018.


6. “Do Analysts Matter for Governance? Evidence from Natural Experiments” (with J. Harford, and C. Lin), Journal of Financial Economics, 115 (2), 383-410.


5. “Does Information Asymmetry Affect Tax Aggressiveness?” (with C. Lin), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming, 2017.

4. “Windfalls of “Emperors’ Sojourns”: Stock Market Reactions to Chinese Firms Hosting High Ranking of Government Officials” (with D. A. Schuler, W. Shi, and R. E. Hoskisson), Strategic Management Journal, 38 (2017), 1668-1687.

3. “How Does Analysts’ Forecast Quality Relate to Corporate Investment Efficiency?” (with L. Xie, and Y. Zhang), Journal of Corporate Finance, 43 (2017), 217-240.

2. “Financial Innovation: The Bright and the Dark Sides” (with T. Beck, C. Lin, and F. M. Song), Journal of Banking and Finance, 72 (2016), 28-51.


1. “Institutions, Board Structure and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Chinese Firms”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 32, 217-237.  (Sole author)


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