Assistant Professor Hongyu Chen
Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Three Post-doctoral Positions Open
(updated Aug 16th, 2009)

Preferred applicants should have strong background either in surface chemistry/patterning (1 position) or in polymer-related drug delivery (2 positions). Applicants with strong background in nanoscience, organic, inorganic, and/or polymer chemistry are welcome. Proficiency in written English is a must; applicants without any 1st-author publication in high-impact international journal will NOT be considered. Priority will be given to those applicants with demonstrated record of productivity and to those have intention to work (or have current position) in Academia. Proficiency in spoken English is preferred but not an absolute precondition. Please send by e-mail your curriculum vitae, a list of publications and names of three referees.
Please contact: Asst. Prof. Hongyu Chen
Office: 21 Nanyang Link, SPMS-CBC-03-02
Telephone: (65)-6316-8795

Welcome Applications for Graduate Students (Ph.D. program)
(Two Positions Open for Jan 2010 intake)

Self-motivated graduate students with all backgrounds in Chemistry are welcome. Applicants with B.Sc. degree should have strong academic performance; applicants with M.Sc. should have at least one publication in international journals. Priority will be given to those who have clear senses about their past and current projects, in particular, regarding the significance, challenges and future directions of those projects.
Interested individuals should visit and apply through our division website:
Please also contact me at for further information. If you choose my lab as the 1st choice, do inform me after submitting your application online.

Welcome Undergraduate Students

Self-motivated undergraduate students with all backgrounds are welcome.

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