Han Mao Kiah

Han Mao Kiah

I am currently a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University.

I received my Ph.D in Mathematics at Nanyang Technological University under the supervision of Yeow Meng Chee. I was a post-doctoral research fellow at Coordinated Science Lab, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Olgica Milenkovic.

My research interests include coding theory and combinatorics.

Hiring! We are looking for motivated postdoctoral researchers or doctoral students keen in working on developing DNA-based storage for digital information. Individuals with knowledge in coding theory or computational biology are welcomed to apply.

Research Interests
  • Coding Theory
    • Design and analysis of encoding and decoding schemes.
    • Bounds on the size and constructions of optimal codes.
  • Combinatorics
    • Construction of combinatorial designs with application to codes.
    • Methods in enumerative and extremal combinatorics.


Our group from left to right: Hengjia Wei, Tuan Thanh Nguyen, Van Khu Vu, Johan Chrisnata, and me. Absent: Yeow Meng Chee, San Ling.