MAS 714: Algorithms and Theory of Computing

The class consists of two parts: complexity and algorithms.
The first part (complexity, 6 weeks) is based on the book Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Sipser.
The instructor for this part of the course is Asst. Prof. Edith Elkind. See here for information pertaining to this part of the course.

The second part on algorithms will start Friday. Sept. 27. The instructor for this part is Asst. Prof. Hartmut Klauck.


Tue  9.30-11:30 (L), SPMS-TR+17
Fri   9:30-10:30 (L), SPMS-TR+17
Fri 10:30-11:30 (T), SPMS-TR+17


Material covered

Homework assignments

Homework can be submitted by e-mail (as PDF files obtained from LaTeX or Word sources), or by pushing a hard copy under my office door (MAS 5-44).

Last modified: Nov 15, 2013