Charlie with Gravensteen behind him (Ghent, Belgium).

This conference will celebrate the 65th birthday of Professor Charles J. Colbourn. It is also an opportunity to recognize Professor Colbourn’s contributions to combinatorial design theory and application-oriented research in communications, networking, software testing, and bioinformatics.

The long lists of accomplishments that follow are a testament to Professor Colbourn’s energy. However the real story lies in the quality and impact of his work. The regularity with which he is a key player in the solution of long-standing open problems is striking. Just ten examples are given here:

Perhaps more remarkable is the frequency with which Professor Colbourn writes the seminal paper on a new topic, opening a new and unexpected line of research. For example,

These lists are just some highlights of a deep and broad record of achievement in research. Indeed the statement from the Institute for Combinatorics and Its Applications awarding Professor Colbourn the Euler Medal for Lifetime Research Achievement states “To compile a list of his citations would be an almost impossible task – the level of his overall activity has been phenomenal. He ranks among the top combinatorial design theorists.”

Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications
14-16 Jul 2018
Sat to Mon
Nanyang Technological University (Novena Campus), Singapore