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Workshop on Compact Modeling at the 11th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
June 3-4, 2008
Venue Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Synopsis Compact Models (CMs) for circuit simulation have been at the heart of CAD tools for circuit design over the past decades, and are playing an ever increasingly important role in the nanometer system-on-chip (SOC) era.  As the mainstream MOS technology is scaled into the nanometer regime, development of a truly physical and predictive compact model for circuit simulation that covers geometry, bias, temperature, DC, AC, RF, and noise characteristics becomes a major challenge.

Workshop on Compact Modeling (WCM) is one of the first of its kind in bringing people in the CM field together.  The objective of WCM is to create a truly open forum for discussion among experts in the field as well as feedback from technology developers, circuit designers, and CAD tool vendors.  The topics cover all important aspects of compact model development and deployment, within the main theme - compact models for circuit simulation, which are largely categorized into the following groups:

  • Intrinsic Models
    • Bulk MOSFET
    • Multiple-Gate (MG-FET) - UTB-SOI/double-gate/tri-gate/GAA
    • High-Voltage/LDMOS
    • Schottky-Barrier/Si-nanowire (SB-FET/SiNW)
    • Bipolar/Junction (BJT/HBT/SiGe/JFET)
    • RF/noise
  • Extrinsic/Interconnect Models
    • Parasitic elements
    • Passive device
    • Diode
    • Resistor
    • ESD
    • Interconnect
  • Atomic/Quantum Models
    • Ballistic device
    • Carbon-Nanotube (CNFET)
  • Statistical Models
    • Statistical/process-based
    • Reliability/hot carrier
    • Numerical/TCAD/table-based
  • Model Extraction and Interface
    • Parameter extraction and optimization
    • Model-simulator interface
    • Model standardization
Evening Panel An evening Panel Discussion is planned for Tuesday, 7:30-9:00pm.
Compact Models for Manufacturability

Whatever your design goals, to achieve them in silicon you must account for manufacturing variation in your design.  A typical foundry collects a huge amount of information on process variation.  But this information is not available to the circuit designer in a form that can be used to make design decisions.

Compact models have traditionally come with fixed corner files which are useful predicting best and worst case delays of static CMOS logic but not appropriate for other types of circuits or other circuit characteristics.  Each member of the Panel will address two board questions from the perspective of their own experience.

- What information does the circuit designer need to know in order to design products which meet their design goals across the whole process window.

- How can this information be delivered to and used by the circuit designer.

Josef Watts, IBM, USA
  • Boon-Khim Liew of NVIDIA
  • Akis Doganis of TSMC
  • Henry Trombley of IBM
  • Steffen Rochel of Blaze DFM
WCM2008 Program has been posted below and at the following web:

There are 33 contributed papers in 8 sessions.

Contributed Papers Contributed Oral presentations will be 20min including Q&A.  Contributed Poster papers will NOT have oral briefings.

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Contributed presentation slides will be posted after the conference.
(Click on each  to download the PDF file.  © Copyright of the PDF files belongs to the respective contributors.  Last update: Sept. 9, 2008.)
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View SlidesWorkshop Program
View SlidesD. B. M. Klaassen, JUNCAP2 Express: an extremely efficient evaluation of the JUNCAP2 model
View SlidesV. K. Dasarapu, Process Aware Compact Model Parameter Extraction for 45 nm Process
View SlidesC. Enz, Compact Modeling of Noise in non-uniform channel MOSFET
View SlidesN. Lu, Modeling of Spatial Correlations in Process, Device, and Circuit Variations
View SlidesT. Fjeldly, Capacitance modeling of Short-Channel DG and GAA MOSFETs
View SlidesX. Zhou, New Properties and New Challenges in MOS Compact Modeling
View SlidesG. J. Zhu, Unified Regional Surface Potential for Modeling Common-Gate Symmetric/Asymmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs with Quantum- Mechanical Effects
View SlidesG. J. Zhu, Quasi-2D Surface-Potential Solution to Three-Terminal Undoped Symmetric Double-Gate Schottky-Barrier MOSFETs
View SlidesM. Mirua-Mattausch, Construction of a Compact Modeling Platform and Its Application to the Development of Multi-Gate MOSFET Models for Circuit Simulation
View SlidesG. J. Zhu, Unified Regional Surface Potential for Modeling Common-Gate Symmetric/Asymmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs with Any Body Doping
View SlidesM. Chan, Surface Potential versus Voltage Equation from Accumulation to Strong Region for Undoped Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs and Its Continuous Solution
View SlidesT. Gneiting, Adaptable Simulator-independent HiSIM2.4 Extractor
View SlidesY. Zhou, Source/Drain Junction Partition in MOS Snapback Modeling for ESD Simulation
View SlidesM. Schroter, Improved layout dependent modeling of the base resistance in advanced HBTs
View SlidesB. Tudor, An Accurate and Versatile ED- and LD-MOS Model for High-Voltage CMOS IC Spice Simulation
View SlidesS. Martinie, Analytical Modelling and Performance Analysis of Double-Gate MOSFET-based Circuit Including Ballistic/quasi-ballistic Effects
View SlidesH. Abebe, Compact Models for Double Gate MOSFET with Quantum Mechanical Effects using Lambert Function
View SlidesT. Nakagawa, Comparison of Four-terminal DG MOSFET Compact Model with Thin Si channel FinFET Devices
View SlidesP. Martin, MOSFET Compact Modeling Issues for Low Temperature (77 K - 200 K) Operation
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