FYP A6152S

Numerical Studies of Ultra-Thin Body SOI MOSFETs

Jackson Weisheng Huang


As mainstream CMOS technologies continue to scale into the nanometer regime, non-classical structures are emerging, and one of the promising candidates is the ultra-thin body (UTB) Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) MOSFETs, although its concepts and modeling has started in the 90's.  From the electrical modeling point of view, it can be built upon existing infrastructure of bulk CMOS, with extension to handle partially-depleted (PD) and fully-depleted (FD) device operations.  This project aims at investigating the internal physical behaviors of UTB SOI MOSFETs, such as potential/charge distributions for various device structural parameters such as channel thickness and doping, top/bottom-gate oxide thickness, through 2D numerical simulation using Medici device simulator.  The results of the studies will not only help students in understanding modern device physics but will also be useful for developing compact models for this type of non-classical CMOS devices.