FYP A6151

Numerical Exploration of Multiple-Gate MOSFETs

Xiaqing Shi and Ting Gou


Conventional CMOS miniaturization has entered into the era in which non-classical, non-bulk, and non-planner structures emerge as candidates for future generation device building blocks.  While FinFETs and double-gate (DG) devices have shown promising performance enhancements, multiple-gate (MG) structures such as Tri-Gate (TG) and gate-all-around (GAA) structures have been explored.  In this project, MG-MOSFETs will be explored through 3D numerical simulations using Davinci device simulator for the DC/AC characteristics, through which internal physical operations and behaviors can be analyzed and understood.  The project provides with the students a challenge in exploring unknowns and futuristic devices.