Scalable Compact Modeling for Nanometer CMOS Technology

Guan Huei See
(December 1, 2004 -- April 2008)


This project is directed towards the development of a compact model infrastructure that is applicable to next generation nanometer scalable radio-frequency (RF) CMOS technology.  It will be based on the charge-based core intrinsic model for DC and quasi-static AC and extended to non-quasi-static (NQS) and transient model for the intrinsic MOSFET as well as extrinsic elements.  The main objective aims at a scalable model with internal subcircuit expansion rather than the currently used user-subcircuit approach.  The methodology involves physics-based analytical model derivation with numerical data validation, parameter extraction approach, as well as experimental verification.  Ultimately, it will provide a circuit model for future generation of RF-circuit design and simulation.