Compact Modeling of Doped Symmetric DG MOSFETs with Regional Approach
Karthik Chandrasekaran*, Zhaomin Zhu*, Xing Zhou*, Wangzuo Shangguan*, Guan Huei See*, Siau Ben Chiah*, Subhash C. Rustagi**, and Navab Singh**

* School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798
Phone: (65) 6790-4532.  Fax: (65) 6793-3318. Email:
**Institute of Microelectronics, 11, Science Park Road, Singapore Science Park II, Singapore 117685

Proc. of the NSTI Nanotech 2006 (WCM-MSM2006)

Boston, MA, May 7-11, 2006, vol. 3, pp. 792-795.

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A compact model for the surface and mid-gap potentials of doped symmetric double-gate MOSFETs is presented.  A unified regional approach is used to derive the model equations from Poisson equation.  The fully-depleted double-gate MOSFET has four regions of operation, accumulation, depletion, weak or volume inversion, and strong inversion.  The model is derived physically in all regions, with expressions for the flat-band, fully-depleted, and threshold voltages scalable over silicon channel doping and thickness, and unified to obtain a single-piece explicit model for the surface potential and mid-gap potential.  The model has been verified in comparison with numerical device potentials, charges, and capacitances for various channel doping and thickness.