Investigation of MOSFET Series Resistance by Numerical Simulation and Compact Modeling

Y. Wang, X. Zhou, K. Y. Lim, and S. B. Chiah

Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Integrated Circuits, Devices & Systems (ISIC2001)

September 3-5, 2001, Singapore, pp. 238-241.

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In this paper, the gate-voltage-dependent series resistance (Rsd) trend is extracted from two MEDICI-simulated MOSFET devices, one with LDD extension and the other without LDD extension.  Three sets of MOSFET’s of varying gate length are designed with different LDD extension structures for Ids - Vgs prediction.  The results confirm the Rsd behavior trend in deep-submicron MOSFET’s as well as the compact model and help to relate the compact model parameters to the physical structure of the MOSFET’s, which can be further correlated to true process variables that determine the device structure.