Effect of Substrate Doping on the Capacitance–Voltage Characteristics of Strained-silicon pMOSFETs

Siau Ben Chiah, Xing Zhou, Senior Member, IEEE, Wangzuo Shangguan, Guan Huei See, Lakshmi K. Bera, N. Balasubramanian, and Subhash C. Rustagi, Senior Member, IEEE

IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 62-64, January 2006
(Manuscript received October 17, 2005; accepted  October 24, 2005.)

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The effect of substrate doping on the capacitance–voltage characteristics of a surface-channel strained-silicon p-channel MOSFET has been studied to explain a measured anomalous behavior in which a “plateau” in the accumulation region was observed.  It is found that this plateau is substrate doping dependent and it switches from a plateau on the inversion side to that on the accumulation side as the substrate doping increases.  The physics behind this behavior has been explained by the one-dimensional Poisson solution and validated with numerical simulations and experimental data.



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