CIASG 2013

2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grid

Computational Intelligence (CI) evolves computational models and tools of intelligence capable of handling large raw numerical sensory data directly, processing them by exploiting the representational parallelism and pipelining the problem, generating reliable and just-in-time responses, and having high fault tolerance. Smart grid is basically the embedding of intelligence to enable bidirectional power flows with traditional sources of power generation, renewable sources and energy storage. CI deployment is essential in smart grid to make it a success. Research and deployment of smart grid technologies are being promoted by governments of many countries as a way of addressing energy independence, emission reductions, and bringing resilience to electricity infrastructures. The Symposium on CI Applications in Smart Grid (CIASG) aims at bringing researchers and engineers from academia and industry together to present, interact and review the latest progresses in this emerging field, and to explore future research directions to address its challenges.


CIASG invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work in the applications of CI to Smart Grid, including the following, but not limited to:


Special Sessions

"COMPUTATIONAL METHODS FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES" organized by Aldo Sorniotti, University of Surrey, UK ( & Valentin Ivanov, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany (  (To submit a paper to this session, please select "04s1" as the main research topic)


Call for Keynote, Tutorial and Panel Session Proposals

Please forward your proposals with detailed abstract and bio-sketches of the speakers to Symposium Co-Chairs and SSCI Keynote-Tutorial Chair, Dr S. Das.

Call for Special Session Proposals

Please forward your special session proposals to Symposium Co-Chairs.

Symposium Chair

Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
Jung-Wook Park, Yonsei University, Korea
Haibo He, University of Rhode Island, USA

Program Committee (Provisional)

S Charkrabarti (India)
P Estevez (Chile)
D Falcao (Brazil)
K Folly (South Africa)
R Harley (USA)
G Krost (Germany)
E. Kyriakides (Cyprus)
L Lai (UK)
O Malik (Canada)
S Mohagheghi (USA)
D Niebur (USA)
J Park (Korea)
S Ray (USA)
A Saber (USA)
E Sanchez (Mexico)
T Senjyu (Japan)
A da Silva (Brazil)
S Singh (India)
G Taranto (Brazil)
G Taylor (UK)
G Torres (Brazil)
Z Vale (Portugal)
D Vilathgamuwa (Singapore)
P Werbos (USA)
X Xia (South Africa)