Neural Network
Research Group

Research Areas

  • Neural networks, evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, and chaos
  • Data mining
  • Bioinformatics, biomedical information technology

Positions Available

Faculty Members

  • Assoc Prof Wang, Lipo (Group Leader) Soft computing (neural networks, evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, and chaos) with applications to  data mining, bioinformatics, multimedia, optimization, and communications.
  • Assoc Prof Chan, Chee Keong Artificial intelligence and software engineering, with keen interest in genetic algorithms and data mining
  • Assoc Prof Chen, Lihui Theory and application of neural computing including learning algorithms, grammatical inference, content-based image indexing & retrieval and intelligent agents
  • Asst Prof Olga Sourina Visual data mining
  • Assoc Prof Tan, Boon Tiong Soft computing
  • Asst Prof Wan, Chunru Signal processing, neural networks, parallel computing, computational mathematics
  • Asst Prof Yap, Kim Hui Computational intelligence, multimedia computing, multiuser detection, blind signal and image processing

Research Fellow

  • Dr. Lu, Xugang Speech recognition
  • Dr. Ma, Jianfeng Information security
  • Dr Zhang, Ping Document and image processing

Graduate Students

  • Chew, Hoe Kit intelligent agents
  • Deng, Jiawei web document processing
  • Fan, Fang On-line handwritten Chinese character recognition
  • Fu, Xiuju neural networks and data mining
  • Gu, Wen soft computing for communications
  • Gui, Ming Hui neural networks
  • He, Hao image analysis
  • Li, Sa neural networks
  • Liu, Ping Chinese character recognition
  • Ong, Thian Hock neural networks
  • Poh, Eng Wah usability issues in asynchronous learning systems
  • Shi, XuXia digital watermark
  • Tan, Kian Huat neural networks
  • Teo, Kok Keong wavelet neural networks
  • Tian Fuyu neural networks
  • Wang, Junxian Color object recognition
  • Wong, Kee Tung texture analysis
  • Xue, Zhiyun Medical Image processing
  • Yang, Ming Speech processing using soft computing techniques
  • Yang, Yanyi Data mining
  • Yao, YuHui unsupervised learning and applications
  • Zhang, Feng signal analysis
  • Zhang, Ximin neural networks
  • Zhu, Hui Computer Forensics



School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Block S2,
50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

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