Hardware of EMOCS

For a normal centralized HVAC system, it includes five heat exchange loops:

  • Indoor air loop (supply/return air fans, ducts, AHUs, VAV boxes)
  • Chilled water loop (AHUs, pipes, pumps, valves)
  • Refrigerant loop (chillers)
  • Condenser water loop (pumps, pipes, cooling towers)
  • Outdoor air loop (fans, cooling towers




Software of EMOCS

  • The software is an open system, which is able to connect to different company hardware controllers.
  • Integrated function blocks are useful for user's project design and implementation.
  • A visualized environment of energy management allows users to easily edit data points and control units.
  • A universal data point interface is capable to drive different data connection, such as: DDE and NETDDE protocol.
  • A data exchanged mechanism is developed to intelligently control HVAC systems.