Anamitra Makur


Contact Details:

Associate Professor

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Block S1

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Avenue

Singapore 639798

+65 6790 4013 (voice)

+65 6793 3318 (fax)


The groupname.gifdragonboating@Kallang

Current Research Topics:

  • Compressed sensing: structured measurement matrices
  • Compressed sensing: reconstruction algorithms and applications to image/video
  • Direction adaptive two-dimensional signal compression

General Research Interests:

Theory of Signal Compression: two-dimensional signal compression, subband coding, distributed source coding, multiple description coding
Multirate Signal Processing: FIR/IIR/linear phase/two-dimensional/oversampled/warped filterbank characterization and design

Image/Video Compression: Using compressed sensing/distributed coding/multiple description coding/wavelet

Image/Video Processing: watermarking, segmentation, halftoning, restoration, 2-D filter design



PhD Vacancy in the Group



Research Showcase 1

An introductory presentation of our research on filterbank factorization

Research Showcase 2

An introductory presentation of our research on document watermarking for restoration

Report on Subband Coding Gain

Theoretical derivation of subband coding gain for almost all cases that can be encountered



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