[2018-04] Robotic assembly of an IKEA chair

Our publication in Science Robotics on the autonomous assembly of an IKEA chair was featured on major international media, including The Guardian, The New York Times, LA Times, The Economist, ABC News, Science, Nature, Wired, MIT Technology Review, CNN, Reuters, etc.


[2016-10] Robotic 3D printer on Channel 8

Our robotic 3D printer for building and construction applications was covered by Channel 8. Jian Hui is speaking (in Mandarin) from 0:33.


[2016-06] Interviews of Francisco

Francisco was featured on Colombianos en Singapur and on Vanguardia Liberal.

Colombianos Vanguardia

[2016-05] Airbus Shopfloor Challenge

Our team won the second prize at the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge at ICRA 2016! See the coverage on the Airbus website, Robohub, NTU MAE website.

CRI team CRI team 2

[2016-05] Robotics for construction

Our work on robotic construction was showcased during the inauguration of the Singapore Center for 3D Printing and covered by NTU website, The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Today, etc.

Construction Construction

[2015-09] Ikea chair assembly

Our research on autonomous assembly was covered by MIT Technology Review, Gizmodo, Libération, The Telegraph, The New York Observer, etc.


[2015-06] Asian Scientist

Cuong was interviewed by Asian Scientist.

Asian Scientist

[2012-09] Affine invariance

Our research on affine invariance was covered by MIT Technology Review.