Of Myth and Mind

Astray from the routine, a deep breath took
Embrace the sun, whose beam I never looked
Grippling muscle wean, it felt so good
Tea break at Canteen, everyone's unrelentingly hooked

{...inspiration from sipping barley water at Canteen A...}

Yo! It's a mad mad world where you only survive by making it madder.
Well, if you have a slight aberration and truly enjoy real verses, don't despair, try poetry exhibits , poems , Poetry Archives or Electronic Poetry Center. In the event that beautiful phrases do not calm your nerves, test your patience by listening to classical music. Classical Music Online ; Classical Net ; Classical Music Reviews ; Flying Inkpot's classical music reviews ; Music of Simon Hawkin's interest ; BMG Classics World ; Philips Classics Production ; or Introduction to Classical Music are sites which you can explore. For something more spicy, get onto Interjazz , Jazznet , Jazz Online , or WNUR-FM JazzWeb. For movies buff and couch potatotes, check out entertainment page.

If none of the above suggestions help, it's time for you to face reality. Yes, get back to NTU Home Page. A note (in Chinese) to the retired Librarian.

One last word from a true-blue librarian.

Who folds a leaf down
The devil toast brown;
Who makes mark or blot,
The devil toast hot;
Who steals this book
The devil shall cook

Quoted from Iona Opie. Beware !

To demand your rights, realise your responsibilities.
To embrace democracy, learn to compromise.

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