CHAM, Tat Jen
BA PhD Cambridge

Associate Professor &
Director, CeMNet
School of Computer Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Republic of Singapore

Latest jobs/studentships available (8th March 2011): We have a number of PhD and Project Officer positions available immediately, tied to separate projects in the BeingThere Centre and the FutureCities Laboratory. Interested and capable applicants please email me. Prerequisites include strong academic performance in a basic degree from a highly reputable university.

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Prof. Activities


Research Interests

SmartSpace-PROCAMS (Projector-Camera Systems)
PERCEPTER: Perceiving and Understanding Humans in Video (webpage construction in progress -- only partially completed)
EYE-SPY (includes Project Tacrea): Vision-based matching and registration of objects, images and contours [Webpage construction in progress]


Research Awards and Achievements

bullet2010, Current world's fastest software-based face detector. Released by Minh-Tri Pham. It runs 3-4 times faster than the OpenCV implementation. Software (MS Windows implementation) is available here. There are 3 main reasons why this face detector is faster than existing  detectors, as summarized from the minhtri_frontalface.xml file.
bullet2007, CVPR’07-ICCV’07 double oral achievement with PhD student Minh-Tri Pham. One of only two first-second author pairings in the world to be awarded two prestigious oral presentations in CVPR’2007 and ICCV’2007.
bullet2007, PyCV package, incorporating  world’s fastest method for training Adaboost cascade face detector. Our team, led by Minh-Tri Pham, released PyCV, an open source package incorporating the world's fastest method for training an Adaboost cascade face detector. Downloaded 2,000+ times in first two months
bullet2007 (with PhD student Minh-Tri Pham), PREMIA 2nd Best Student Paper Prize for ICCV'07 paper
bullet2005, Best Paper Award, IEEE International Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems (PROCAMS)
bullet1996, Best Paper Prize, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)
bullet1994, Best Science Paper Prize, British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)



bullet Google Scholar (search terms with reasonably correct returns as of Sept 2008. Part of the problem is that my surname gets mis-OCR'ed as "Chain", instead of "Cham".)

Representative Publications

[Below is a selection of key papers. See here for more complete list of publications.]

bulletT.J. Cham, A. Ciptadi*, W.C. Tan*, M.T. Pham, and L.T. Chia , Estimating camera pose from a single urban ground-view omnidirectional image and a 2D building outline map, In CVPR 2010. Oral. [PDF, Talk Video/Slides]
bulletM.T. Pham, Y. Gao, V.D.D Hoang and T.J. Cham, Fast polygonal integration and its application in extending Haar-like features to improve object detection, In CVPR 2010. [PDF]
bulletD. Xu, T.J. Cham, S. Yan, L. Duan and S.F. Chang, Near duplicate identification with spatially aligned pyramid matching, To appear in IEEE Trans. on Circuits Systems for Video Technology (T-CSVT), 2010.
bulletM.T. Pham*, V.D.D. Hoang* and T.J. Cham, Detection with multi-exit asymmetric boosting, In CVPR, 2008. [PDF]
bulletD. Xu, T.J. Cham, S.C. Yan and S.F. Chang, Near duplicate image identification with spatially aligned pyramid matching, In CVPR, 2008. [PDF]
bulletM.T. Pham* and T.J. Cham. Fast training and selection of Haar features using statistics in boosting-based face detection. In ICCV 2007. Oral. [PDF]
bulletM.T. Pham* and T.J. Cham. Online learning asymmetric boosted classifiers for object detection. In CVPR 2007. Oral. [PDF]
bulletX. Chen* and T.J. Cham. High distortion and non-structural image matching via feature co-occurrence. In CVPR 2007. [PDF]
bulletJ. Summet*, M. Flagg*, T.J. Cham, J.M. Rehg and R. Sukthankar. Shadow elimination and blinding light suppression for interactive projected displays. IEEE Trans. VCG, 13(3):508-517, 2007.
bulletM.S. Brown, P. Song* and T.J. Cham. Image pre-conditioning for out-of-focus projector blur. In CVPR 2006. [PDF]
bulletP. Song* and T.J. Cham. A theory for photometric self-calibration of multiple overlapping projectors and cameras. In PROCAMS 2005. Joint Best Paper Award. [PDF]
bulletX. Chen* and T.J. Cham. Learning feature distance measures for image correspondences. In CVPR 2005. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham, J.M. Rehg, R. Sukthankar and G. Sukthankar. Shadow elimination and occluder light suppression for multi-projector displays. In CVPR 2003. [PDF]
bulletD.E. DiFranco*, T.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Recovery of 3D articulated models from 2D correspondences. In CVPR 2001. Oral. [PDF]
bulletR. Sukthankar, T.J. Cham and G. Sukthankar. Dynamic shadow elimination for multi-projector presentation systems. In CVPR 2001. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Dynamic feature ordering for efficient spatial registration. In ICCV 1999. Oral. [PDF]
bulletV. Pavlovic, J.M. Rehg, T.J. Cham and K. Murphy*. A dynamic Bayesian network approach to figure tracking using learned dynamical models. In ICCV 1999. Oral. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. A multiple hypothesis approach to figure tracking. In CVPR 1999. Oral. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and R. Cipolla. Automated B-spline curve representation incorporating MDL and error-minimizing control point insertion strategies. IEEE PAMI, 21(1):49-53, 1999. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and R. Cipolla. A statistical framework for long-range feature matching in uncalibrated image mosaicing. In CVPR 1998. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and R. Cipolla. Stereo coupled active contours. In CVPR 1997. Oral. [PDF]
bulletTat-Jen Cham. Geometric Representation and Grouping of Image Curves. Ph.D Thesis, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 1996. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and R. Cipolla. Geometric saliency of curve correspondences and grouping of symmetric contours. In ECCV 1996. Joint Best Paper Prize. [PDF]
bulletT.J. Cham and R. Cipolla. Symmetry detection through local skewed symmetries. IVC, 13(5):439-450, 1995. Joint Best Science Paper Prize at BMVC'94. [Scanned PDF]

Here is a more complete list of publications

Patent Documents

bulletM.S. Brown, T.J. Cham and P. Song. Minimizing Image Blur in an Image Projected onto a Display Surface by a Projector. US Patent Application 20070286514, filed June 2006, pending. [USPTO link]
bulletR. Sukthankar, T.J. Cham, G. Sukthankar, J.M. Rehg. Wireless Multi-User Multi-Projector Presentation System. US Patent #7,006,055. Issued Feb 28, 2006. [USPTO link]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Method for Efficiently Tracking Object Models in Video Sequences via Dynamic Ordering of Features. US Patent #6,795,567. Issued Sept 21 2004. [USPTO link]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Method for efficiently registering object models in images via dynamic ordering of features.  US Patent #6,618,490. Issued Sept 9 2003. [USPTO link]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Method for Object Registration Via Selection of Models with Dynamically Ordered Features. US Patent #6,597,801. Issued July 22 2003. [USPTO link]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Sample Refinement Method of Multiple Mode Probability Density Estimation. US Patent #6,353,679. Issued Mar 5 2002. [USPTO link]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Multiple Mode Probability Density Estimation with Application to Multiple Hypothesis Tracking. US Patent #6,314,204. Issued Nov 6 2001. [USPTO link]
bulletT.J. Cham and J.M. Rehg. Multiple Mode Probability Density Estimation with Application to Sequential Markovian Decision Processes. US Patent #6,226,409. Issued May 1 2001. [USPTO link]

International Invited Talks

bulletSeminar, Google, Mountain View, CA, USA, June 2010
bulletInternational Workshop on Computer Vision, MIRU Conference, Hiroshima, Japan, July 2007
bulletGVU Seminar, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA, July 2005
bulletJoint Intel-CMU Seminar, Intel Research Pittsburgh, PA, USA, July 2005
bulletMachine Learning and Perception Seminar, Microsoft Cambridge, England, August 2004
bulletEECS Seminar, U.C. Berkeley, CA, USA, February 1999
bulletFX! Workshop, Los Angeles, CA, USA, February 1999
bulletSeminar, Pixar Corporation, Richmond, CA, USA, February 1999

Research Grants

bulletCo-Principal Investigator, AcRF Tier 1 Research Grant, $179K, 2008-2011, Human Gait Recognition with Statistical Learning. PI: Dr XU Dong.
bulletPrincipal Investigator, Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) Grant, $515K, 2006-2008, Project Tacrea: Localization in Urban Areas based on Imagery from Mobile Cameras
bulletPrincipal Investigator, NTU-Georgia Tech collaboration grant, $300K, 2006-2008, Perceptual Fidelity in Projector-Based Ubiquitous Interactive Displays
bulletPrincipal Investigator, Academic Research Fund RGM grant, $100K, 2006-2009, Project SmartSpace
bulletRecipient, NTU Research Outcome Award & Recognition (ROAR), in-kind support for 3 PhD studentships: valued at $150K, 2006-
bulletFaculty Fellow, Singapore-MIT Alliance Computer Science Program, discretionary funds and research manpower support: valued at approx $400K, 2003-2006
bulletPrincipal Investigator, Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) Grant, $117K, 2002-2005, Geometry-Appearance Modeling for Object Detection and Recognition in Video and Multi-Spectral Image Sequences
bulletPrincipal Investigator, NTU Start-Up Grant, $100K, 2002-2003, Interactive Display Walls based on Camera-Projector Systems

Research Staff

[Classification: Research Fellow => with Doctoral degree, Research Associate => with Masters degree, Project Officer => with Bachelors degree]


bulletArridhana Ciptadi, Project Officer
bulletTAN Wei Chian, Project Officer


bulletZahoor Zafrulla, Research Associate
bulletRudianto Sugiyarto, Research Associate
bulletMiana Aprilia Husada, Project Officer

Research Students


bulletHUANG Yi, PhD candidate, joined 2007. Co-supervised with Dr XU Dong as main supervisor.
bulletLI Gang, PhD candidate, joined January 2008.
bulletTENG Xiao, PhD candidate, joined July 2008.
bulletTU Trung Hieu, PhD candidate, joined January 2009.
bulletTAN Wei Chian, MEng candidate, joined January 2009.
bulletMarcus CHEN Caixing, PhD candidate, joined August 2009.
bulletFrederick TEO Cheng Tat, MEng candidate, joined August 2009.


bulletPHAM Minh Tri, PhD 2009. Thesis: Principled Asymmetric Boosting Approaches to Rapid Training and Classification in Face Detection.
Subsequently research scientist, Toshiba Cambridge Research Lab, Cambridge, UK
bulletSONG Peng, PhD 2007. Thesis: Photometric Calibration and Out-of-Focus Blur Compensation for Projector Camera Systems.
Subsequently research fellow, Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, Singapore
bulletCHEN Xi, PhD, 2008. Thesis: Learning Transformation Invariance for Pairwise Image Matching.
Subsequently team leader, Siemens Medical Instruments, Singapore
bulletPONG Hon Keat, PhD, 2008. Thesis: Multispectral Object Detection Using 3D Models Cascade and Region Mutual Information.
Subsequently research fellow, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE), NTU, Singapore
bulletFENG Zhou, MEng, 2008. Thesis: Human Action Capture and Classification.
Subsequently CEO,, property investment consultancy
bulletDavid DiFranco, MIT VI-A Masters, 1999-2000.
Subsequently employed in Tripos Inc., New Jersey
bulletShyam Krishnamoorthy, Masters-level summer intern, MIT Media Lab, 2001.
Subsequently employed at Microsoft, Redmond

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