Singapore-MIT Alliance School of Computer Engineering Nanyang Technological University

What's New

  • My current research projects are listed here. If you are interested in them, please email me with your CV.
  • Our book entitled Summarizing Biological Networks (Computational Biology series, Springer-Verlag) is published now. Please visit the website to order a copy.
  • Our paper on efficient blending of visual p-hom graph queries is accepted in SIGMOD 2018 yes.
  • Our conflict-of-interest detection system for peer review management, PISTIS (a greek goddess of trust and honesty), is accepted in SIGMOD 2018 yes. The name of the system also symbolizes the influence of greeks on some of the authors' academic life and culture.
  • Our spatial object stream management technique, SURGE, is accepted in ICDE 2018 yes

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