Singapore-MIT Alliance School of Computer Engineering Nanyang Technological University

What's New

  • Multiple research positions (2 Post Docs, 1 Research Assistant) in the areas of graph and spatial data management are available. If you are interested, please email me with your CV.
  • Our latest book entitled Human Interaction with Graphs: A Visual Querying Perspective is available now yes! You can order it now from Morgan & Claypool Publishers. We greatly appreciate Prof H V Jagadish for writing the foreward for this book.
  • You can order our book entitled Summarizing Biological Networks (Computational Biology series, Springer-Verlag) by visiting the website. More than 1600 copies have been downloaded in less than a year yes
  • Greatly honored to receive the VLDB Service Award  from the VLDB Endowment yes.
  • Our mobile tweet summarization paper is accepted in JASIST yes.
  • We are giving a tutorial on visual graph querying in ER 2018  at Xi'an, China yes.
  • Our word sense evolution exploration framework is accepted in CIKM 2018  as demo paperyes.

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