Research Statement  

My basic research interest is in computer graphics, geometric modeling and related subjects. I like to work on challenging problems, which are theoretically significant or practically valuable, in computer graphics, geometric modeling, animation, graphics software development, visualization, digital media processing, reverse engineering, etc.

Research Areas

  • Computer aided geometric design and modeling


  • Computer graphics

  • Computer animation and games

  • Visualization and virtual reality

  • Digital media techniques 

Current Research Topics 

Graduated students (supervised at NTU)

  • Wang Yimin,    PhD,     Free-form surface representation and approximation using T-splines, SCE, NTU, 2009

  • Sundar Raman, M.Eng, Efficient terrain triangulation and modification for game applications, SCE, NTU, 2009

  • Lu The Kiet, M.Eng, Fast visualization of complex 3D models using displacement mapping, SCE, NTU, 2010

  • Pu Gangnan, M.Eng, Using subdivision surfaces and PN triangles for game applications, SCE, NTU, 2010.

  • Zhou Hailin,   PhD,     Towards object-based image editing, SCE, NTU, 2012

  • Wang Kai,     PhD,     Sketch-based interactive digital geometry processing, SCE, NTU, 2013

      Students I co-supervised:

  • Chen Wenyu,    PhD, Complex surface modeling, MAE, NTU, 2011

  • Zhang Juyong,   PhD, Variational 3D mesh segmentation, SCE, NTU, 2012

  • Patricia Chiang, PhD, Simulated modeling and signal processing for interventional diagnosis and therapy, MAE, NTU, 2012.

  • Duan Qi,           PhD, Lighting geometry aware environment mapping and 3D reconstruction, SCE, NTU, 2013



Graduate students I am currently supervising

  • Ma Yuewen,  PhD,     Dynamic geometry processing for 3D models

  • Wu Xiaoqun, PhD,     Level of detail mesh generation for 3D models

  • Li Yusha, PhD, Investigation of construction and algorithms of locally refinable surfaces

  • Zhang Yuzhe, PhD, Automatic 3D clothing: from 2D pattern to garment

  • Zhang Wenjing, PhD, 3D simulation of articulation in physiological human

  • Zhang Juzheng, PhD, Modeling virtual human with episodic memory




     Research Fellow / Postdoc Fellow position available

     Job description: conduct theoretical and algorithmic research in advanced surface modeling of complicated shapes

     Basic requirements:    PhD degree + a sound track record in geometric modeling and computer graphics