Anwitaman Datta

I am an associate professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU Singapore, where I lead the S-* and Algorithmic aspects of Networked Distributed Systems (SANDS) research group. I currently teach (parts of) an undergraduate course on Cryptography & Network Security, and one on Security Management, along with a graduate level course on Distributed Systems.


I am interested in understanding and designing resilient large-scale distributed systems. Most of my publications are listed at: DBLP | Google Scholar. Previously I have worked on P2P storage, decentralized online social networks, structured overlays, computational trust using stereotypes & machine learning. Currently I work on the following topics:

Coding for storage

The aim of this work is to design reliable distributed data storage systems based on novel erasure codes tailor made for efficient recovery from failures.

Security & Privacy

The aim of this work is to facilitate data outsourcing and support collaborative applications, while preserving various desired security and privacy invariants.

Social media analysis

The aim of this work is to mine social networks/media to detect entities and events, and leverage on this to derive actionable intelligence for decision support.

Funded projects


Some of the teaching materials I have prepared can be found below:
Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems:

Teaching material: RAID & beyond, Cloud scale storage

In this graduate level course, students also learn (taught by colleagues, lecture material not included here) some basic principles of distributed computing and systems, and other advanced topics from high performance and parallel computing, distributed simulations, social and peer-to-peer networks, etc.

Security Management:

This undergraduate course emphasizes the need for good (IT) security management. Its aims are to identify the problems associated with security management and to show how various (major) organisations solve those problems. The treatment of the course is at an elementary/introductory level, and the learning objectives are: Explain the need for effective security management; Identify the problems associated with security management; Consider the ways in which various organizations solve these problems.

Teaching material: Introduction (slides|lecture notes), Information security governance & the law (slides|lecture notes), Risk analysis & assessments (slides|lecture notes), Contingency planning & management (slides|lecture notes). Exercise questions & answers (#1, #2).

Further topics discussed in this undergraduate NTU course (taught by other colleagues, teaching material not included here) include: models & frameworks, organization & people, security operations and internal controls & audit.


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