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New manuscripts.

1.     Non-commutative Chern-Weil Theory and the Combinatorics of Wheeling. (112 pages, PDF.)

2.     Differential Operators and the Wheels Power Series. (69 pages, WO.pdf. This is the second half of (1).)


Slides for recent talks.

1.     A combinatorial proof of wheeling from Chern-Weil theory. Talk at the “International Conference on Quantum Topology”, Hanoi Institute of Mathematics, August 6th -10th, 2007. (29 slides, PDF.)

2.     New directions in the study of quantum topological invariants. Short talk at the C.N. Yang 85th birthday conference, Singapore, October 2007.  (A very brief introduction to the Kontsevich integral and the `loop’ expansion.)

Journal Publications

1.     Bifurcation Phenomena of the Non-Associative Octonionic Quadratic, (with G. Joshi), Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, Vol. 5, Issue 5, (1995), 761-782.

2.     Cabling the Vassiliev Invariants, (with B. Spence and I. Aitchison), J. Knot Theory Rams. (1997), 687-714.

3.     Alexander-Conway Limits of Many Vassiliev Weight Systems, J. Knot Theory Rams. (1997), 327-358.

4.     Ohtsuki's Invariants are of Finite Type, (with B. Spence), J. Knot Theory Rams. (1997), 583-597.

5.     Branched Cyclic Covers and Finite Type Invariants, J. Knot Theory Rams. 12, (2003) 135-158.

6.     A Surgery Formula for the 2-loop Piece of the LMO Invariant of a Pair, Geom. Topol. Monogr. 5, (2002), 161-181.

7.     A Surgery View of Boundary Links, (with S. Garoufalidis), Math. Annalen 327, (2003) 103-115.

8.     A Rational Non-commutative Invariant of Boundary Links, (with S. Garoufalidis), Geom. Topol. 8, (2004) 115-204.

9.     Finite Type Invariants of Cyclic Branched Covers, (with S. Garoufalidis), Topology 43, (2004) 1247-1283.

10.  Surgery Presentations of Coloured Knots and of their Covering Links, (with D. Moskovich), Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 9, (2009), 1341-1398.

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