Awards & Recognitions

IEEE Signal Processing Society 2006 Best Paper Award for the paper entitled Sampling Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation, co-authored with M. Vetterli and T. Blu, appearing in IEEE Transactions Signal Processing, vol. 50, no. 6, pp. 1417-1428, June 2002

The IEEE SPS best paper award honors the authors of a paper of exceptional merit. Eligibility is based on a five year window and the judging is based on general quality, originality, subject matter and timeliness. The prize is $500 per author and a certificate.

Sannicandro Nel Mondo Worldwide Club 2009 Return Day Award : « To Pina Marziliano Professor at the University of Singapore in recognition for her contribution to the studies of science ».

This is an annual event which honors the achievements and gives recognition to selected first and second generation Italian immigrants from Sannicandro di Bari, Italy. Politicians from Region Apulia graced the event.

FY2011 NTU-NHG Innovation Seed Grant Award for Development of an OCT-Based Screening Tool for Identifying Narrow Iridocorneal Angles in the Anterior Segment of the Eye

The award was received during a special session at the Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress, 11-12 November 2011.