MEng Student


Current PhD Students

Mr Qiu Xueheng, BEng (NTU), Commenced in Jan 2014.

Mr Rakesh Kumar Katuwal, BEng (Nepal) commenced in Aug 2015 in Cybersecurity and transferred in Aug 2016 to pattern classification.

Ms Noor H. Awad, BEng, MSc (JUST, Jordan), Commenced in Jan 2016.

Mr Partha Pratim Biswas, BEng (JU India), & MSC (NTU). Commenced Aug 2016

Ms Aruna Charukesi Palaninathan, P/T PhD, BEng (NTU), Commenced Jan 2017



Past Research Students

Dr Zhang Le, BEng (UEST, China), MSc (NTU), Commenced in Aug 2012. PhD thesis submitted in Feb 2016, Conferred in Nov 2016.

Dr Nandar Lynn, BEng (Myanmar), MSc (NTU), Commenced in Jan 2012. PhD thesis submitted in Jan 2016, Conferred in Nov 2016.

Dr. Ren Ye, BEng, MEng (NTU), Commenced in Aug-2011, PhD thesis submitted in July 2015, conferred in April 2016.

Dr Gao Kaizhou, Commenced in Jan 2013, PhD thesis submitted in Jan 2015, Conferred Jan 2016.

Dr Qu Boyang, BEng (NTU), Commenced in Jan-08, PhD thesis submitted in Feb 2011, confirmed in Aug 2012.

Dr Zhao Shizheng, BEng (Harbin Eng. Uni), MSc (NTU) (Commenced in Jan-08, PhD thesis submitted in Mar 2011, confirmed in Dec 2011)

Dr Mallipeddi Rammohan, BEng (Nagarjuna Uni), MSc (NTU) (Commenced in Jan 2008, PhD thesis submitted in Jan 2010, Confirmed in Oct 2010)

Ms Yu Ling BSc (Fudan) (MEng, completed 2010)

Dr Liang Jing, Jane BEng (Harbin IT), (PhD) (Confirmed in 2009)

Dr Ashish Anand (PhD) BTech & MTech IITK, (Confirmed in 2009)

Dr Huang Ling (PhD) BEng (HUST) (Confirmed in 2009)

Mr. Lim Eyung (MEng)

Dr. Qin Kai (PhD) BEng (South East U) (confirmed in May 2007)

Dr. Tang Ke (PhD) BEng (HUST) (confirmed in May 2007)

Mr. Cao Xiang (MEng)

Mr. Lu Tong (MEng)

Mr. Khoo Koh Giok  (MEng) (Completed in ~12 months)

Dr Ajantha Atukorale (PhD) (Confirmed 2001, Uni of Queensland, Australia)



Research Staff

Mr Gao Kaizhou (Feb 2012 -  Sept 2013)

Dr Shyam Sundar PhD (U of Hyderabad) (May 2012- May 2013)

Mr/Dr Mallipeddi Rammohan (Aug-07 - Aug 09) (Aug 2010 - Aug 2011)

Mr. Zhao Shizheng (Oct-07 - Dec-07) (April 2011-April 2012)

Mr Christoph Duer (Jan 2007 - July 2007)

Dr. T Aruldoss Albert Victoire (May-07 - Nov-07)

Ms Yu Ling (Aug-07 - Aug. 09)

Mr. Kalga Venu Madhav (Sept-07 - Aug. 08)

Mr. Qin Kai (Apr-06 - Apr-07)

Mr./Dr G. Pugalenthi (May-06 - Aug 09)

Mr. Tang Ke (Aug-06 - Dec-06)

Ms. Liang Jing (Aug-06 - Jan-07)