Special Session & Competitions on Real-Parameter Many Objective Optimization

at CEC-2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 8-13 July 2018

Organizers: P N Suganthan, Kalyanmoy Deb, Qingfu Zhang and Hui Li

This competition on many objective optimization will have two aims. One aim is to test different selection methods for many objective optimization. The other aim is to evaluate complete algorithms. To accomplish the first aim of this competition, we will release codes of a standard search method. Participants would be able to insert their selection methods at the appropriate points in the codes. The participants would be completely free to make use of their own algorithms in relation to the second aim. Participants with their own algorithms can easily develop the algorithm for the first aim by simply inserting their selection method in the codes provided. As participants are required to present the results for both aims, this will also allow the participants to perform some comparative analysis obtained under both aims. Participants who do not have their own algorithm can also participated in the competition by inserting their own selection procedure in the given codes. In this case, only one set of results will be presented in the paper.

If you face any difficulties, please inform me ( epnsugan@ntu.edu.sg  ).

Hui Li, Kalyanmoy Deb, Qingfu Zhang and P N Suganthan, Many-objective Test Problems for the competition and special session at CEC 2018, Technical Report, 2017. (A rough TR draft is available now. The codes were updated. You can do test runs and give us feedback, if you find any problem)


Authors may also submit their papers using CEC 2017 problems (mainly single objective bound constrained and general constrained) according to the CEC 2017 competition guidelines to the special session associated with this competition. The organizers will be pleased to have such submissions also reviewed.


Paper Submission

Authors must strictly follow the manuscript preparation instructions: http://www.ecomp.poli.br/~wcci2018/submissions/  (paper submission will open in the near future)


When submitting, please make sure that you select "<to be assigned>" as the "Main Research Topic" for all papers making use of these benchmarks.


Paper Submission Deadline

We will follow the extended deadlines as determined by WCCI 2018.

Request for Feedback

If you have suggestions to improve the technical report or if you find any potential bug in the codes, please inform us ( epnsugan@ntu.edu.sg  ).




1.     Draft versions of TR & codes released on 30th of Oct. 2017.

2.     Codes were updated on 7th of Nov. 2017.