PhD/Master Theses






















Current Research Project


1.         Attitude Control of Satellite using Model Predictive Approach

Omer Burak Iskandero,PhD, Aug 2015 Present, Sole supervisor


2.         Development of Attitude Determination System for a Satellite

Chia Jiun Wei, MEng, Aug 2014 Present, Sole supervisor


3.         Attitude Control System for a Nano-Satellite

Tissera Mihindukulasooriya Sheral Crescent, MEng, Aug 2014 Present, Sole supervisor


4.         Development of a Micro-thruster for a Satellite

Lau Zirui, MEng, Jan 2014 Present, Sole supervisor


5.         Pulse Plasma Thruster of a Satellite

Kang Binying, PhD, Aug 2013 Present, Sole supervisor


6.         Precision Measurement of Thrust of a Micro-thruster of a Satellite

Lew Jia Ming, MEng, Jan 2013 Present, Sole supervisor


7.         Time-Delay-Integration CMOS Image Sensor for Space Applications

Yu Hang, PhD, Feb 2012 Present, Co-supervisor


8.         Fault Tolerant Control of a Power Management System for a Satellite

Li Bingxuan, PhD, Aug 2011 Present, Sole supervisor


Completed Research Project


9.         Geometric Filter Algorithms for Device-free Localization using Received-Signal Strength in Wireless Sensor Networks

Marc Caesar Talampas, PhD, Nov 2015 , Sole supervisor


10.      Distributed Traffic Estimation and Throughput Optimization in Random Access Networks

Xie Shuanglong, PhD, Aug 2015, Sole supervisor


11.      State-of-charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Battery for a Satellite Power Management System

Aung Htet, PhD, Aug 2015, Sole supervisor


12.      High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor Design for Star Tracking Applications

Qian Xinyuan PhD, Aug 2010 Present, Co-supervisor


13.      Performance Measurement and Characterization of a PPT

Audrey Eevav Gaymann, MEng, June 2015, Sole supervisor


14.      Study on Propellantless Pulsed Plasma Thruster

Bhavik Bhatt, MEng, June 2015, Sole supervisor


15.      Parameters Identification and Power Conversion of a Photovoltaic System

Soon Jing Jun, PhD, Aug 2014, Sole supervisor


16.      Clock Synchronization Method for On-Board Computer of a Satellite

Ian Kamajaya, MEng, Aug 2014, Sole supervisor


17.      Analytical Modeling of a Micro-thruster System for Nano-satellite Applications

Veronica Wallangen, MSc (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, School of Engineering Science), June 2014, Sole supervisor


18.      Characterization of a Micro-thruster System

Seah Jun Hao, MEng (Imperial College, Department of Aeronautics), May 2014, Sole supervisor


19.   Development of attitude determination sensors for miniature satellites

Anders Svedevall, MSc in Engineering Technology, space engineering (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden), Aug 2014, Sole supervisor


20.     Development of high transmission speed nano-satellite ground station

Ye Chuang, MSc, May 2014, Sole supervisor


21.     Assessment and qualification of VELOX-P communication subsystem and ground station

Nekkanti Sanjay Srikanth, MSc in Engineering Technology, space engineering (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden), Aug 2012, Sole supervisor


22.     Development of vision payload for the nano-satellite VELOX-I

Kadarla Vineel Kumar, MSc in Engineering Technology, space engineering (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden), Aug 2012, Sole supervisor


23.     Development of an in-orbit simulator for nano-satellite attitude determination & control system

Bharanidharan Asokan, MSc in Engineering Technology, space engineering (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden), Aug 2012, Sole supervisor


24.     Star Tracker for Satellite Attitude Control

Pham Minh Duc, MEng, Aug 2012, Main supervisor


25.     Attitude Control System for a nano-satellite

Xing Yitong, MEng, Aug 2012, Sole supervisor


26.     Wireless Sensor Network for Autonomous Body Motion Computing

Lee Guo Xiong, PhD, August 2012, Sole supervisor.


27.     Pulsed coupled neural network

Zhuang Hualiang, PhD, Oct 2011, Main supervisor


28.     Implementation of LDPC Codes Using a FPGA

Li Jinrui, MSc, Aug 2011, Main supervisor


29.     Wireless Sensor Network based Car Park Management System

Pothikansuresh Tirunelveli Ramachandran, MSc, Dec 2010, Sole supervisor


30.     Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network

Nguyen Hong Anh, Master of Engineering, July 2010, Sole Supervisor


31.     Localisation in Sparse Wireless Sensor Networks

Guo Hao, PhD, July 2010, Main Supervisor


32.     Maximum Power Tracking for Solar Array

Nguyen Tat Luat, Master of Engineering, December 2009, Sole supervisor


33.     Development of a Wearable Wireless Sensor Network

Tawfiq Taher, Master of Science, August 2008, Sole Supervisor


34.     Precision control of Micromanipulator

Cao Runzi, PhD, August 2008, Main supervisor


35.     Network Based Distributed Motion Control System

Deng Wu, Master of Engineering, April 2007, Sole Supervisor


36.     Reliable and Fault Tolerant Power Supply for a Micro-satellite

Zheng Chao, Master of Engineering, August 2007, Sole Supervisor


37.     A DSP Based Advanced Digital Control of Parallel PWM Inverters for UPS

Ajay Mishra, Master of Science, December 2006, Sole supervisor


38.     Ultra Wideband Radar for Through Wall Imaging Applications

Kyaw Lin Soe, Master of Science, July 2005, Sole supervisor


39.     A Virtual Instrument Based Solar Array Simulator

Aung Khaing Soe, Master of Science, July 2005, Sole supervisor


40.     A Microcontroller Based High Performance PWM Inverter

Nu Nu Yi, Master of Science, December 2004, Sole supervisor


41.     A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) simulator

Thazin Myint, Master of Science, November 2004, Sole supervisor


42.     FPGA based signal processing for high data rate digital communications

Palaniappan Annanalai, Master of Science, July 2004, Sole supervisor


43.     Multimedia data processing for high rate, short range radio

Thiruvanur Krishnan Vinitha, Master of Science, July 2004, Sole supervisor


44.     Maximum power tracking for photovoltaic energy conversion system

Maung Zaw Naing, Master of Science, July 2004, Sole supervisor


45.     Advanced digital signal processing techniques for dynamic force measurements

Tey Beng Seng, Master of Engineering, October 2000, Sole supervisor


46.     Multiobjective genetic algorithm for optimum tuning and identification of a hard disk drive

Wong Tze Shyan, Master of Engineering, July 2000, Sole supervisor


47.     High precision optimum control of a linear motor drive using genetic algorithm

Keck Meng Teck, Master of Engineering, May 2000, Sole supervisor


48.     QFT-based robust controller design for three-phase PWM AC to DC voltage source converter

Su Changyi, Master of Engineering, April 2000, Sole supervisor


49.     Robust model predictive control and receding horizon based observer for a brushless DC drive

Zhuang Hualiang, Master of Engineering, October 99, Sole supervisor


50.     Control and estimation techniques of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive without mechanical sensors

Deng Yuanzi, Philosophy of Doctor, March 99, Sole supervisor


51.     Robust iterative controller design using H-infinity approach for optical disk drive track-following servo control

Zhu Shumin, Master of Engineering, August 98, Co-supervisor


52.     A microcontroller based single phase inverter for UPS applications

Hui Wing Hong, Master of Science, July 1998, Sole supervisor


53.     Variable speed control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive without mechanical sensors

Guo Xiuli, Master of Engineering, July 97, Sole supervisor


54.     An I/O interface for accessing fault data on the trains

Tan Boon Kiat, Master of Science, July 1997, Sole supervisor


55.     Single rate and multirate predictive control of a brushless DC drive

Chiun Koon Yong, Master of Engineering, March 97, Sole supervisor


56.     Real-time low cost DSP based mechanical sensorless drive

Chua Poh Han, Master of Philosophy, October 2000, Sole supervisor