​Applications for Undergraduate Housing AY18/19 are invited via HOLA (Hall OnLine Application) from  29 Mar 18, 0900hrs to 12 Apr 18, 1745hrs.

You must submit an application!

The following categories of students must also apply online by 12 April 2018, 5.45pm to secure their hall places.

1. Students admitted in AY 17/18, guaranteed on-campus accommodation in a hall for the 1st two years of study.

2. Students assured of a place in a Hall under the University Sports Scheme, LKC Medicine MBBS programme or the Primer Scholars' Programme - CN Yang Scholar Programme, Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP), University Scholar Programme (USP) and NTU-NIE Teaching Scholar Program (TSP).

If you are applying with a roommate, both you and your roommate must submit separate online applications.

Students who will be going on Exchange under the Overseas Exchange Programme in Semester 1 are advised not to submit an application under this current application exercise. An email notification announcing the online application for students returning from overseas exchange will be sent out in mid October. Students who do proceed to submit an online application during this current application exercise and are given 2 points under the willing-to-share scheme, will be bound by the criteria of the scheme when they return for residence. Hence, students are strongly advised not to apply under the willing-to-share scheme for the 2 points if they want to be eligible for a single room.

Students who are on Leave of Absence (LoA) are not able to submit a hall application online. You may only apply for housing upon receipt of confirmation that you are returning from your LoA and resuming your studies - please send an email to together with the confirmation. Your application is processed according to the Hall Admission Scheme.

Applications submitted by students who have been barred from hall accommodation will be rejected.

Using HOLA

Only one application per student will be accepted. You may make as many changes to your application and re-submit as many times as required during the application period. Only the last submission will be considered. Please save the Acknowledgement of Receipt page for future reference.

If you are applying with a roommate, ensure you and your roommate properly specify each other's particulars. You will not be paired if the information is not correctly specified. Both you and your roommate must submit separate online applications.

Students admitted in AY17/18, guaranteed on-campus accommodation in a hall for the 1st two years of study, can apply for any Hall. If the number of returning residents applying back to the same hall exceeds the number of places available for senior studen​ts for the Hall, computer balloting will be carried out to determine the successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will be randomly assigned to a Hall other than the one they applied for.​

Students enrolled under the following programmes who are assured of residence, (CNYang Scholar Programme, LKCMedicine MBBS Programme, University Scholar Programme and NTU-NIE Teaching Scholar Program) may apply to remain in their current hall. Current residents of Crescent and Pioneer Hall may apply for either Crescent or Pioneer Hall. If the number of applicants in these programmes exceeds the senior quota set for either hall, they will be assigned by the S/FiRs to any Hall with vacancies. The criterion where priority is given to returning residents will not apply in this case.

Students under the Renaissance Engineering Program can apply for any Hall. If you apply for Bin​jai, Tanjong and Banyan Hall, you will be assigned to either one of these 3 Halls. If you apply for the other Halls, you may be randomly assigned a Hall with a vacancy as returning non-REP residents will have priority over you who are not a returning resident of the particular Hall.

Single rooms will be allocated to applicants who are successfully admitted to the Halls and who have indicated their preferred single room. You will be randomly assigned a single room (perhaps in another Hall) should there be more than 1 applicant for the same room. Returning residents (current or last hall stayed is the preferred Hall) of the hall will be given priority to the same single room they have stayed in if they are successful for admission to the hall and are also successful for a single room.

If you are applying for a double room, you may indicate a preferred room. Indicate your room preference carefully. Please refer to the respective hall layout for valid room numbers. If you apply with a roommate, please ensure that both of you have indicated the same room. You will not be paired if your room choice differs from your roommate's.

If you are under the willing-to-share scheme and gain the additional two points (when the conditions of the scheme are met), you are not allowed to request to transfer to a single room. Any request for a mutual exchange of rooms will also not be approved if the conditions of the willing-to-share scheme are not met or if it involves a single room.

Applications not submitted by the closing date and time will not be entertained.

A non-refundable application fee of $16.05 will be charged via the student E-Hostel Bill for each application.

An acceptance fee of two times the monthly rate of your allocated hall and room type will be charged for successful applicants who do not reject the offer of housing by the closing date.

By making an application, you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations governing the halls of residence, having paid due attention to clauses 3b, 3d, 4a, 4b, 4c, 6a, 6b, 7b and 7c therein stated.


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