Hall Assignment

Successful admission to a hall of residence

For admission into any hall, applicants are required to satisfy the minimum ECA requirement and meet the General Cut-Off Weight (GCW). The GCW is determined by demand and supply of hall places. As such, the GCW can only be published after the online application. There will be 2 GCWs; one for male & one for female applicants. If you do not meet the GCW, you will be placed on the general waiting list.

Students admitted in AY17/18, guaranteed on-campus accommodation in a hall for the 1st two years of study, can apply for any Hall. If the number of returning residents applying back to the same hall exceeds the number of places available for senioe students for the Hall, computer balloting will be carried out to determine the successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will be randomly assigned to a Hall other than the one they applied for.

Students enrolled under the following programmes who are assured of residence, (CNYang Scholar Programme, LKCMedicine MBBS Programme, University Scholar Programme and NTU-NIE Teaching Scholar Program) may apply to remain in their current hall. Current residents of Crescent Hall, may apply for either Crescent or Pioneer Hall. If the number of applicants in these programmes exceeds the senior quota set for either hall, they will be assigned by the S/FiRs. The criterion where priority is given to returning residents will not apply in this case.

Students under the Renaissance Engineering Program may apply for any hall. If you apply for Binjai, Tanjong or Banyan Hall, you will be assigned to either one of these 3 halls. If you do not apply for a North Hill hall, you may be randomly assigned to a Hall with a vacancies as returning non-REP residents will have priority over you as a non-returning resident of that particular hall.

Hall Assignment Results

Hall assignment results will be available after 21 Jun 18 (pm). Check My Hall Assignment...

Campus Life Involvement

You will be able to check your total weights by logging in again to Hall OnLine Application (HOLA) - Click on View Total Points after you have submitted an application.

How you are assigned a hall (for students not on Premier Scholar Programmes)

Applications will be processed centrally. All applicants are ranked individually in descending order of points.

Hall of First Preference - If the number of returning residents (current or last hall stayed is the first preferred hall) exceeds the number of places available for senior students, applicants on the JCRC recommendation list of 50 shall have priority, followed by other applicants. In this case, computer balloting is done to determine the other applicants who are successful.

If there are places remaining after returning residents (current or last hall stayed is the first preferred hall) have been assigned, computer balloting is done to determine successful applicants.

Applicants who cannot gain admission to the hall of their first preference will be considered for the hall of their second preference only when the second preferred hall has not been filled up by first preference applicants. Assignment of places will be by ballot for the hall that can take in applicants that opt for it as their second preference. If an applicant is still unsuccessful in his/her second preference, he/she will be randomly allocated to a hall which has not reached its quota.

To ensure that not all available rooms at popular halls are taken up by applicants under the University Sports Scheme, a quota for each hall is arrived at by dividing the quota set for this scheme by the total number of halls.

Students who will be going on Exchange under the Overseas Exchange Programme in Semester 1 and who are given 2 points under the willing-to-share scheme will be bound by the criteria of the scheme when they apply for residence in Semester 2. You are advised not to apply under the willing-to-share scheme for the 2 points if you want to be eligible for a single room in Semester 2. Note, however, that single room assignments in Semester 2 are subject to availability.

No mutual exchange of rooms will be entertained after the room assignments unless with valid reasons. Such exchange of rooms must be approved by the respective Hall offices.

The process of room assignment begins with the hall followed by the room, one may end up with an assignment to the preferred hall but not the preferred room.

Residents who are successful in returning to the same Hall will be able to remain in the same room if there is no other applicant vying for the same room. Otherwise, the assignment of rooms will be by computer ballot.

The Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services will make the decision on special cases (eg. physical impairment and other compassionate cases).


Assignment to a single room

As compared to last year, there are more halls and single rooms available for the new academic year.

Single rooms will be assigned to applicants who are successful for admission to a hall and have indicated their preferred single room in their application. A system assigned random single room (possibly in another hall) will be assigned should there be more than 1 applicant selected for the same single room.

Returning residents (current or last hall stayed is the first preferred hall) of the hall will be given priority to the same single room they have stayed in (on the condition that there are no competition for the room) if they are successful for admission to the hall and are also successful for a single room.

Crescent, Pioneer, Binjai, Tanjong, Banyan Halls and Tamarind Hall have a proportion of aircon single rooms. If you are successfully assigned to either of these halls and the number of successful applicants who applied for aircon rooms or non-aircon rooms exceeds the supply, a different room type in the hall will be assigned.

Assignment to a particular double room

A returning resident (current or last hall stayed is the first preferred hall) who is successful in his/her application to the hall of the first preference will be given priority to the same room if he/she has indicated it as the preferred room on the application. However, if there is competition for the same room by more than one returning resident (current or last hall stayed is the first preferred hall), the room assignment will be by computer ballot. Similarly, if there is more than one applicant vying for the same room, the room will be allocated by ballot.

Room assignments for Halls 1 & 2 will be based on application as roommates and not as toilet sharers. If you wish to stay together as toilet sharers, both pairs of roommates are advised to indicate the rooms next to each other on their applications. The assignment process stated above for double rooms will apply.

If your roommate is not successful for admission into the same Hall, you will be assigned someone else as a roommate.

Roommates with a New Student

A senior who chooses to stay with a New Student (must be his/her sibling of the same sex)

Assignments are made according to the Hall and room assigned to the senior.

The senior will first submit an application and if successful, will be informed of the hall and room assigned.

The new student will make an on-line application at a later date indicating the Hall his/her sibling was offered.

Discretionary Admission

Hall Fellows and Faculty-in-Residence will form a committee to select up to 60 students for admission to their respective Halls. The committee is given the full discretionary power as set out in the Hall Admission Scheme. Hall Fellows and Faculty-in-Residence play an important role in moulding and building their respective Hall’s identity and culture. ​Students admitted to a hall but who do not contribute to the hall as required may have their tenancy terminated.

Students’ Union (SU) and Constituent Clubs, with approval from Club Advisors may recommend up to 105 places (maximum 10 places for SU & each non Academic Constituent Clubs and maximum 5 places for each Academic Constituent Club) for the previous year essential event committee members or sub clubs’ main committee members of Academic Constituent Clubs who have met the requirements and can commit to serve the SU and the Constituent Clubs in the subsequent term of office. Recommended students admitted to a hall but do not comply with any of the terms and conditions of the letter of agreement can have their tenancy terminated.

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