​​Selecting a university and a course of study are among the major decisions your son or daughter will make at this stage of life. Another will be whether to reside on campus. These choices will potentially have far-reaching implications. For many, not just life skills, but lifelong friendships take root during the university years.

Why Stay?

At NTU, we view on-campus residence as integral to holistic education and the undergraduate experience. There is essential learning and living to be done outside the classroom and, while it is not a requirement, we strongly advocate hall life.

For these reasons, we have built eight new residential halls in the last few years, adding some 5,000 beds. New students are guaranteed residence for their first two years.

For many freshmen, this would represent their first time living away from home. Our hall environment is secure and conducive to developing independence. Doing their own laundry, paying bills and finding their own meals are part and parcel of this. They will, however, find this experience rewarding.

The wider hall community includes fellow residents, graduate residential mentors, and faculty-in-residence who can share their wealth of experience.​

Residential living is convenient. Firstly, there will not be the need for a daily commute. The time saved can be translated into the completion of an assignment, more work on a group project, an extra hour of sleep, or social time with friends. Furthermore, residence halls are designed to address the daily needs of our students in just about every way. Our newest halls feature comprehensive facilities, including a variety of rooms and areas for study, meetings and discussions, as well as exercise gyms, barbeque pits, music, dance and recreation rooms. Hot and cold drinking water is available on tap on almost every residential floor.

How Much?

University housing can range from the spartan to the extravagant. We have many types of rooms that cater to the practical and functional needs of students, with unsurpassed value for money. In fact, our rental rates are the lowest among Singapore universities.

New students may indicate a preference for a Double or Single Occupancy and an air-conditoned or non-air-conditioned room. We endeavour to do our best to make assignments based on indicated preferences.

Aside from monthly rental fees, residents can expect a small application fee and a hall (JCRC) subscription fee to support hall-organised activities. Room air-conditioning operates on a pay-for-use basis to encourage prudent use. Details of other optional fees are available at our pages on Hall Living and Rental Fees.

Meal plans are not offered or required. Food Courts and F&B outlets are located all over campus and residents are free to decide where, when and what to eat.

How Safe?

On-campus housing is wholly owned and operated by the university. Campus security is available 24/7 to assist in emergencies, lock-outs and other security issues. Contracted security personnel are stationed at all residence halls in the evenings from 9pm through to the next morning.

All but a few halls have electronic room locks and CCTV cameras, with a number of halls having resident-only access to residential floors.

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