Furniture & Fittings

Rooms are furnished with a bed, mattress, study table, chair, wardrobe, bookshelf and soft board (to pin notes on, etc.). Each room is fitted with window coverings such as venetian blinds or curtains, lighting and a fan. There are Ethernet connections in each room. Other fittings may be provided and these vary from hall to hall.

Bedding, Bed linen, pillows and blankets are not provided. The hall pages provide bed (mattress) sizes for those who wish to bring fitted sheets.

Residents are required to take inventory of the furniture & fittings and submit a Room Checklist within 3 days of your check-in. In order for us to set things right, any irregularities are to be promptly reported.

Electrical Appliances

Utility Charges. There is no utility charge for electricity or water with the exception of installed refrigerators and air-conditioners as specified below.

Refrigerators: A utility charge of $80* per period or any part thereof (not pro-rated) will apply per fridge installed. Residents intending to install a fridge in their room are required to submit a Fridge Declaration. A charge of $160* per period will be levied for failure to declare the installation of a fridge. Refrigerators are restricted to a maximum height of 1.2m.

Air-conditioners (Halls 3 - 5, 8 - 16, Crescent, Pioneer, Binjai, Tanjong, Banyan, Saraca, Tamarind & Meranti Halls) All rooms in Halls 3 - 5, 8 - 16 are fitted with air-cons. Selected rooms in Crescent, Pioneer, Binjai, Tanjong, Banyan, Saraca, Tamarind & Meranti Halls are fitted with air-cons. To operate the air-con, residents will require a Pre-Paid Card (PPC) which is available for sale at their respective Admin Office for $5*. More...

* subject to GST

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