Housing Bill Payment

​​​NTU Students
  • The bill schedule below applies only to NTU Matriculated Undergraduates
  • An email will be sent to you on the Bill Date informing you that your bill has been posted to StudentLink
  • Late payment fees of $25 will be added to each outstanding bill after the Payment Due date and at each due date of subsequent bills

YearSemBill No.Bill DateRental Fee PeriodPayment Due
GIRO Deduction Date
AY16171103 Oct 16till 07 Jan 1720 Oct 1621 Oct 16
16 Nov 16till 07 Jan 1730 Nov 1601 Dec 16
AY16172123 Jan 17till 07 May 1706 Feb 1707 Feb 17
03 Mar 17till 07 May 1715 Mar 1717 Mar 17
AY1617Special Term & Vacation111 Apr 17till 15 Jul 1720 Apr 1721 Apr 17
09 May 17till 15 Jul 1719 May 1722 May 17
06 Jun 17till 15 Jul 1715 Jun 1716 Jun 17
subject to change

Payment Modes

GIRO payment - Residents are encouraged to make payments via GIRO... Please obtain the GIRO form from this page​.

Online Payment - by Credit/Debit Card

Student Login - Click on My Cases - payment information is filled in for you.

Payment at One Stop@SAC - Payment may be made in-person via

  • NETS
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • NETS CashCard
  • ez-link Card
  • Cheque
  • Cashier's Order

By Mail - Cheques/Cashier's Orders made payable to "NTU Hall of Residence" may be mailed in to

One Stop@SAC,
50 Nanyang Avenue,
NS3-01-03, Academic Complex North,
Singapore 639798.

Please indicate the student's full name, matriculation number, the purpose of payment and contact number on the reverse side of the Cheque/Cashier's Order.

Credit Balance Refunds

A mass refund of credit balances of hostel charges is only made in August every year. Students may request for a refund of a credit balance upon withdrawal from a hall by submitting a Refund Form.

NIE Students

NIE students are to make fee payments at the NIE Student Services Centre.

All students are requested to pay their fees through interbank GIRO. Payment can also be made by cash/cheque/credit card/NETS or by cheque made payable to National Institure of Education.

NIE Student Services Centre (SSC),
Blk 3B, Student Hub, Level 1
1 Nanyang Walk
Singapore 637616

Exchange Students

NTU Exchange students will be sent bills for payment at One Stop @ SAC.

Note: Students who have outstanding fees may be prevented from viewing their exam results and subject registration until the fees have been settled.

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