Rules & Regulations



Only NTU/NIE students and staff are eligible to use the facilities. Matriculation/ staff card must be produced for verification upon request. Other persons may only use the facilities as guests of the students / staff who have booked the facilities. Guest fee at $1.07 per person (inclusive of GST) must be paid at the Sports and Recreation Centre General Office Counter before using the facilities. However, the gymnasiums are not open to guests.

Use of Sports Facilities

Students who have paid the annual Sports Fee and staff who are subsidized by the NTU Healthy Lifestyle Committee can use the swimming pool and access the Online Booking System to book the badminton, squash, tennis and table tennis facilities. There would be no further charges for usage of these facilities.

Students who have not paid the annual Sports Fee (eg. part-time students & MOE bridging students) and NTU tenants do not have access to the Online Booking System. They are required to come down in person to the Sports and Recreation Centre General Office Counter if they wish to book the badminton, squash, tennis and table tennis facilities. Charges are applicable for the use of these facilities, including the swimming pool.

Please refer to Rates for Usage and Booking of Facilities for more information.


Rules & Regulations

Users are advised to adhere to the respective rules and regulations governing the use of Sports Facilites, Gymnasiums and Swimming Pool.

Restriction of Usage 

Users are strictly prohibited from transferring, assigning, subletting or re-selling their booking(s) of the NTU SRC facilities (or part thereof). In the event of such an occurrence, NTU SRC reserves the right to stop the activities and cancel their booking without refund. They (and the associated student/staff group) may be barred from making future bookings.

Use of Artificial Pitches:



Use of seeds, beans, soap, paint, detergent, flour, solvent, other fluids and possible contaminants.


Use or introduction of sharp materials including nails, pins, pegs or rocks.


Set-ups with point loads including tables, chairs, platform and stages.


Tug-of-war and events involving dragging along the surfaces.


No smoking is allowed. NTU is designated as a no-smoking place, including all open areas.


Due to proximity to residential housing, no use of PA systems and other noisy activities at the S&R Centre before 9.00am.


Activities deemed to be environmentally unfriendly – including water bombs, and activities with excessive water wastage.




To clear away all foreign materials introduced during the event.


To clear away all debris and wastes from the events and deposit them at the Bin Centre at Hall 6.


The afternoon surface temperature of the artificial pitch may exceed 50 degrees. Please ensure that participants are properly attired with shoes and clothing and properly hydrated.


Look after your valuables. Organisers are responsible for the safety and security of the participants and their possessions.

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