​​​Contact Information

President : Leow Zheng Xu
Email :​​​​​

Kaydon Chong
Email : ​
Chua Hong Yang, Darien
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​​Club Advisor :
Mrs Sheryl Loh
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DID: 67905173



Training Schedule 
​Thurs: 7pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Warren Golf & Country Club

Club Description
The NTU Golf Club welcomes everyone to join us regardless of your level of experience in golf. The club provides a comprehensive golf program catered to suit the needs of golfers of every level. There are 2 arms within the golf club, a competitive and recreational arm so there is definitely a place for everyone! The club will organise short overseas golfing trips to countries like Malaysia and Indonesia during the recess week of each semester for club members to bond and experience golfing at the green.

Major Upcoming Events

  • Swingit 2016- Annual introductory golf session for beginners to experience golf. Students will be taught by a resident coach at Warren Country Club and will be able to sign up for discounted golf lessons. (Date to be confirmed on FB page)
  • NTU Golf Friendly 2016 (Tbc)- Students and professors will partake in an intra-NTU golf tournament where they will be able to pit their skills against each other and further hone their skills. Through this event, professors and students alike will be able to interact more with each other and strengthen relational bonds within the NTU golf community. (More details will be released soon)


Past Events

  • SwingIt
  • NTU Golf Friendly 
  • NTU-SGA Inter Varsity Golf Tournament

Club Achievements

  • Defending champion of the Inter-Varsity University Golf Tournament 2014/2015 ​


​Updated 27 July 2018

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