On-Campus Housing

Welcome to Graduate Housing

On-campus graduate housing is available at our two on-campus graduate halls — Graduate Hall 1 & Graduate Hall 2. As demand for housing exceeds supply, only full-time graduate students may apply for graduate housing with new students on research programmes given priority. Successful applicants may stay for a maximum period of one academic year. Regrettably, the limited availability of housing prevents us from granting extensions. Meals are not provided but are readily available at the many food & beverage establishments on campus. Housing for couples is available but limited, even more so for couples with children. If you (or your spouse) are pregnant or have children, off-campus housing with amenities suited to families may be necessary.

Rental Fees

Rooms are furnished and have a wired internet connection. Rents include internet usage, the use of furnishings and utilities (electricity and water). Additional charges apply for the use of the air-conditioner (see below) and for the operation of a refrigerator in the room (refrigerators are not provided but are brought in by residents).

Rental Payment

Coursework students

Visit One Stop @ SAC every half year to pay your rent. Bring along your email reminder, matriculation card, and payment. Please send an email to (has-pg@ntu.edu.sg) if you do not receive our reminders. After you have paid your rent, please notify Student Housing by email and provide your receipt number.

Research students

Make your first payment at One Stop @ SAC. Subsequent payments will be automatically deducted from your stipend in the last week of each month. Please contact us should you have any enquiries on the payment of your rental (has-pg@ntu.edu.sg).


All graduate housing rooms are fitted with air-conditioners.

There are PPC (Pre-Paid Card) readers in each room. You will be able to operate the air-conditioner when a PPC with stored value has been inserted into the PPC reader. If you are in a double room, discuss the use of the air-conditioner with your roommate. Any agreement made is between you and your roommate.

Familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions governing PPCs before you purchase one. Zero value PPCs may be purchased from the Admin Office at $5.35 (inclusive of​ GST).

Top-up the PPC at any top-up kiosk at Graduate Hall 1 (Lobby 1, B2 or Lobby 3, L1), at Graduate Hall 2 (Main Lobby, L1 or Student Lounge, L3), or at any of the kiosks at the undergraduate halls (3, 5, 8-16, Crescent Hall or Pioneer Hall). If you are residing in North Hill, PPC top-up can only be done at a kiosk at the North Hill Halls.

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