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Application Schedule AY16/17
 Semester 1Semester 2
Application begins22 Apr 16 0900hrs SGT24 Oct 16 0900hrs SGT
Closing date02 Jun 16 1630hrs SGT (extended)25 Nov 16 1630hrs SGT
Outcome available15 Jun 16progressively from
13 Dec 16
Check in23 Jun 16 (Coursework students)
30 Jun 16 (Research students)
21 Dec 16 (MSE, IGS, SPMS, HSS, RSIS)
22 Dec 16 (MAE, CBE, SBS, WKWSCI, ADM)
23 Dec 16 (CEE, EEE, CSE, ASoE, LKCMed, Others)

Before you begin...

Please read the Rules & Regulations Governing Residence in Halls.

You must accept NTU's offer of admission before you can apply for housing. Use the same application number assigned to you when you applied for admission.

Use Internet Explorer. The application system does not work well with other browsers.

You will receive an acknowledgement and the outcome of your application by email so do check your email (including your 'junk' folder) regularly. If you are successful in your application, but do not check in by the deadline specified in the offer of housing, your place will be given to the next person.

Please arrange for short-term housing if you are arriving before the offered check-in date.

If you are unsuccessful in your application, do arrange for off-campus housing before you arrive in Singapore.

Online application for graduate housing

To apply for graduate housing, please click on the box appropriate to you.


Application... to... Check-in
Accept offer of admission to NTU 
Apply online for graduate housing
You will receive an acknowledgement and the outcome of your application by email. Please check your email, including your 'junk' folder regularly. If you are unsuccessful, please arrange for housing before you arrive in Singapore.
If you are successful, please confirm your acceptance within 3 days of our offer via the link provided in our offer email.
During check-in, you will be required to sign a rental agreement and pay the application fee, a deposit of one month's rental and rental for the first quarter (Research Students) or half year (Coursework Students).
When you check into your room, go through the room check-list and indicate any missing or damaged items. Return this list within 2 days of your check-in.

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