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New Parking Charges
Q1:What are the new parking rates?
A:Please refer to the Zones & Charges (effective 1 Jul 17) page for the new rates.
Q2:Where are the parking zones located?
A:Please refer to the Zones & Charges (effective 1 Jul 17) page for the zone map.
Q3:Why is there a need to revise parking rates at NTU?
A:The demand for car parks on campus continues to grow as new developments take shape. Managing this demand for car parks is a continuous challenge. NTU has more than 3,000 car park lots on campus, but the demand at prime areas continues to increase more than other areas.

To better spread out the demand for parking lots, parking rates on campus will be adjusted with effect from 1 Jul 17. The last car park revision was done in 2012.
Q4:When will these changes take place?
A:These changes will take effect from 1 Jul 17.
Q5:Will there still be free parking on campus?
A:Yes, free parking is still available after 6pm on weekdays and all-day on weekends and public holidays.
Q6:What is being done to improve public transport and shuttle services to NTU?
A:To enable NTU students to commute to campus more conveniently in the morning, free shuttle bus services are currently available from 7 locations. They are Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang, Marine Parade, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Sengkang and Tampines.

More buses are added to the morning shuttle service at Choa Chu Kang, Pasir Ris, Sengkang and Tampines to meet the growing demand. These services are available during the term time, morning peak hours.

Since September 2016, the university has expanded its shuttle bus service with direct trips from campus to Ang Mo Kio, Tampines and Sengkang on weekday afternoons. The expanded shuttle bus service offers more convenience to students returning home after classes. Students only need to show their matriculation cards to board the buses.

These are aimed at improving accessibility to NTU and reducing the need to drive to campus.
Q7:Who can I contact for further information?
A:For any enquiries or feedback, please write to

Q8:Is there a grace period for passenger drop offs?
A:Yes, there is a 15 minute grace period.
Q9:Will motorcycles be charged for parking?
A:Motorcycles and scooters can park for free on campus.
Q10:Where can I top-up my cash card on NTU campus?
A:Please refer to the list of NETS top-up machines on campus.
Q11:Parking is free from 6pm to 8am Mon-Fri. How does the daily cap apply?
A:The daily cap applies from 8am to 6pm provided you do not leave the car park. If you leave the car park and re-enter later on the same day, the system will start a fresh count with a fresh cap. A fresh count will also start each day if you park in the same car park over two or more days.

Season Parking
Q12:How do I apply for season parking for the first time?
A:Season parking is more cost-effective if you plan to drive frequently to campus.

You can apply for season parking through iNTU/StaffLink, or Studentlink. Select your preferred zone in your application under Financial Services → eParking System. You will need your vehicle IU number and car licence plate number.

Submit your application by the 25th of the month, so that your season parking can begin from the following month. For example, if you would like to start season parking in August, the window to submit your application is between 26 June and 25 July.
Q13:Are there student rates for season parking?
A:No, the same rates apply to both staff and students.
Q14:What is the IU number?
A:The vehicle IU number is located at the left side of your In-vehicle Cash Card Reader.

Q15:What is the cut-off date for applying for season parking?
A:Applications for season parking should be submitted by the 25th of the month for season parking to be effective from the 1st of the following month.
Q16:How do I change my current season parking zone to another zone?
A:If you already have season parking, you will first need to cease your current season parking via iNTU/StaffLink, and then apply for a new season parking, indicating your preferred zone.

Please submit your application by the 25th of the month, so that your season parking can start from the following month. For example, if you would like to start season parking in August, you will need to submit your application between 26th June and 25th July.
Q17:Is there a layout plan of the zones?
A:Please refer to the Car Park Zone Chart.
Q18:Which are the car parks that a particular zone season holder can park at?
A:Season parking holders enjoy parking at no charge for car parks in other zones where the monthly season charges are equal to or lower than their monthly season charge. Car park zones effective 1 Jul 17 -

Season Parking
Car Parks in Zone
2a No charge
3 (Covered)  
3Per minute charge 
Q19:Are Season holders guaranteed a parking lot?
A:Season parking holders are guaranteed a car park lot by zone only, not by a particular car park. For example, if a Zone 1 season holder cannot park at Carpark A when Carpark A is full, he/she will have to park at the other car parks at Zone 1 (i.e. Carpark B, Research Techno Plaza or School of Biological Sciences) or at a Zone 2 car park.
Q20:Will a season holder be given a season parking label?
A:No, season holders will be identified by their registered vehicle's In-Vehicle Unit.
Q21:Do I have to pay for parking at NIE car parks if I have season parking under NTU?
A:Yes, NIE is operating on a different system from NTU.

Illegal Parking
Q22:Will illegally parked vehicles be wheel-clamped?
A:Vehicles that are parked illegally will be wheel-clamped. The fee for releasing a wheel clamp is $50. Drivers of vehicles that have been clamped will need to approach the Campus Security Division to have the clamp removed. Campus Security is located at the North Spine, NS1-B1-01. Take Lift NS1-1 (near N1) to Basement 1.

Q23:How can I get the wheel clamp released?
A:Proceed to Campus Security located at North Spine NS1-B1-01 to make payment by NETS or cashcard only. Take Lift NS1-1 (near N1) to Basement 1 and turn left.

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