This website is not just about crime and what you can do to prevent it. It is also about how you can assist Campus Security in tackling the causes of crime, by taking appropriate precautions and better care of your own possessions.

NTU is a large and open campus. Every member of the NTU community has an important part to play towards ensuring a safe and secure campus. Crime prevention is everybody's responsibility. Be aware of your vulnerability and use safety tips to protect yourself and your valuables. Do not present yourself as a target by exposing large amounts of cash. Do not present opportunities for crime by leaving valuables unattended. Be alert and involved by becoming more security conscious. Report all incidents of suspicious or criminal activity to Campus Security or the Police immediately.

Most crime is against property, not people, and many crimes are opportunist. Many are committed on the impulse of the minute given the chance - possessions left in an office or a car. A door or window in a house or a room left open.

You can help to reduce the risk merely by securing your office, car, residence or room and by taking good care of your personal belongings.

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