Beware of Phone Scams!

(Police Advisory Notice)

Tricksters are coming up with new and innovative phone scams to convince victims to part with their money. Some of the ruses used include Kidnap, Lottery and other scams. You can adopt the following measures to safeguard yourself.

Types of Scams

Kidnap Scam

Tricksters would claim that the victim’s loved one had been kidnapped and demand that a ransom be transferred to a specific bank account. These fake threats are usually accompanied by sounds of cries for help in the background. If you receive such calls, remain calm and try to contact your loved ones immediately. Should repeated attempts at contacting them fail, seek assistance from the police.

Lottery Scam

Tricksters may make calls from overseas, email or SMS victims, informing them that they have won prize money in a foreign lottery. The tricksters would request for an advance payment in order to process the claims for prizes. If you receive such calls, ignore the notifications of how to collect the prize money. Do not make any advance payments to claim such prize monies.

Impersonation Scam

Tricksters would impersonate law enforcement officials, advising victims to remit or transfer money to designated bank accounts in order to exonerate themselves from alleged crimes. The common allegations include failure to appear in court in relation to one’s involvement in money laundering, and unlicensed money lending cases. Police officers, Court officials, and other government officials do not require any individuals connected to a criminal case to transfer money to any bank accounts. If any payment is to be made, an official written notice and receipt would be issued.

What You Should Do

If you encounter any of the above scams, you should not reveal your personal information and bank account number over the phone. You should also never send money to unknown callers. You should alert the Police immediately. More details of such scams can be found in the SPF website at or

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