Plans Office

Plans Office supports the University in governance, policy development, strategic planning, management decision making and quality assurance.

We provide secretariat support to the Board of Trustees and its Academic Affairs Committee and Nominating Committee.  We facilitate Trustee nominations and induction of new Trustees, organise the Board and Committee meetings as well as Board retreats, assist in the Board evaluations, and facilitate the approval of academic proposals, among other things.

Policy Development
We coordinate the development of the University’s Statutes, Regulations, Policies and Procedures. We provide advice on document drafting and facilitate the promulgation and updating of the documents on the NTU Policy Portal.

Strategic Planning
We formulate and implement strategic-planning processes at the University level. We put in place planning frameworks that facilitate the integration of College and Department-level plans into the University’s strategic plan. We also monitor the outcomes of the University’s strategies through the use of key performance indicators and compile reports for the Board and management.

Management Decision Making
We provide secretariat support to the key decision-making committees of the University such as the Provost’s Council. We also conduct ad hoc studies to support management decision making.

Quality Assurance
We coordinate the preparation of the University’s self-assessment report and organise the 5-yearly visits by the Quality Assurance Framework for Universities (QAFU) external review panel appointed by the Ministry of Education. We coordinate the development of action plans to address the recommendations of the panel and monitor NTU’s progress in these areas.

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