NTU - FST Society

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Society was founded in 2015, with the aim of exposing undergraduate students in NTU’s Food Science Technology second major programme to the real world applications of their curriculum while promoting fellowship amongst students.
Due to the interdisciplinary nature of food science, food scientists are not merely engineers, chemists or biologists but are leaders and innovators in a challenging and ever-evolving field. This society intends to nurture a new generation of forward-thinking trail blazers, that through their diverse origins bring fresh insights into tackling present and future issues regarding food. Our aim as a society is to allow our members to begin fulfilling their roles as food scientists in local food security and innovation through initiatives like lectures, workshops and industrial visits. The FST society also organizes opportunities to meet industry leaders for networking and career planning.
In summation, the FST society seeks to extend our passion about food by trying to make it safe, nutritious and abundant. Food touches almost every aspect of our lives and by bringing academia closer to industry our society strives to make a difference in the impending global food crisis.
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