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​[Talk] Introduction to Successful Publishing: Tips for Early Career Researchers (21 Sep 2018)

Published on : 12-Sep-2018
21-Sep-2018 - 21-Sep-2018 0930hrs - 1130hrs

VENUE : Lee Wee Nam Library, The Trantor, Level 2

Contact Information :

Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services
Email : omwong@ntu.edu.sg 


Event Info 

A highly competitive research environment with increasingly limited research funding has created a "Publish or Perish" attitude among scientists who are judged on both the quantity and the quality of their research articles.  This  presentation  provides  a  brief  overview  of  recent  development  of  scientific  publishing.  Tips will  be  presented  on  how  to select an appropriate journal for your paper, what aspects of preparation and presentation to focus on from an editor's and referee's perspective, and how to increase the discoverability of your paper after publication. This talk will be relevant to Masters and PhD students as well as researchers.

About the speaker

Dr. Jiang obtained both her Bachelor’s degree (1st Class Honours) and Ph.D. from the School of Materials Science & Engineering at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. She worked mainly in the areas of nanomaterials and devices. She then joined Wiley in 2013 as a peer review editor of Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Electronic Materials, Advanced Materials Technologies and Advanced Sustainable Systems.

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