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Through the Lens: Colours Across Seven Continents

Published on : 20-Feb-2018
22-Feb-2018 - 16-Mar-2018 0900hrs - 1700hrs

VENUE : 22 February 2018 Nanyang Auditorium 23 February- 5 March 2018 Marketplace, North Spine Plaza 6 March - 16 March 2018 LKCMedicine, Clinical Sciences Building, Novena Campus

Contact Information : ntumuseum@ntu.edu.sg


Through the Lens: Colours Across Seven Continents is a sample collection of photographic works by Professor Subra Suresh, created during his visits to countries across the globe. His works embody an intuitive awareness of the surrounding natural and built environment and a spontaneity in capturing the beauty of a fleeting moment — whether aboard a city taxi, or in mid-air on a US Air Force plane carrying the members of a special government mission. The contemplative and thought-provoking quality of these deeply personal works is now shared with the NTU community.

The NTU Museum is proud to present this exhibition and is honoured to receive the donation of these 11 artworks from Professor Suresh for the university’s art collection. The exhibition opens on 22 February 2018, in conjunction with the inauguration ceremony of Professor Suresh as the 4th President and Distinguished University Professor. It will then travel to various locations on campus from 23 February to 16 March 2018.