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Published on : 30-Aug-2017
30-Aug-2017 - 01-Jan-2018 0000hrs - 0000hrs


Contact Information :

​Email: npcc-community@e.ntu.edu.sg

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The SSA initiative is a collaboration between NTU and SPF to improve the overall safety and security in NTU. Through this initiative, the project committee hopes to empower the students with the responsibility to educate their fellow peers on crime prevention and raise their awareness on safety within the campus.

Working hand-in-hand with NTU’s Campus Security Division and Nanyang NPC’s Community Policing Unit officers, the ambassadors’ roles will include:

a)    Dissemination of Information
The ambassadors will be a multiplier of joint outreach efforts with Campus Security. We envisage that as students themselves, they would be able to interact with other students better which results in a greater penetration of our crime prevention efforts. They will help to disseminate crime advisories and alerts to their peers.

b)    Volunteer
The Ambassadors will also be actively involved in Police/Campus Security engagements on campus.

c)    Joint-Patrols
As an extension of the outreach efforts done at roadshows, the Ambassadors will also join Campus Security Division and Nanyang NPC on a bimonthly patrol to the halls. During these patrols, the SSA will help to share on crime prevention tips.

*Ambassador Polo T-Shirt will be provided.

If interested, please sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/e6dCkwLKVN1F453E2

Any enquiries, please email: npcc-community@e.ntu.edu.sg