Adaptation, Order and Emergence

A Tribute to Professor John Holland
11-13 February 2009
Nanyang Executive Centre
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

By Invitation Only

This joint event is organised in celebration of the contributions of Professor John Holland, an eminent scientist and a renowned professor in Psychology and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Professor Holland is the originator of Genetic Algorithms and one of the seminal architects of what is now known as Complexity Theory. Distinguished speakers from the academia will also be sharing more on related topics on this three day event.

Wednesday 11 February  

Arrival of overseas delegates at the NTU Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC)

6.00 pm

Tour of the NTU Campus for those staying at the NEC

7.00 pm

Informal dinner at Mayflower Restaurant (adjacent to the NEC) for those arriving during the day

Thursday 12 February

9.00 am

Welcome Remarks

Dr Su Guaning
Nanyang Technological University

9.15 am

Opening address by Guest of Honour

Mr Peter Ho 
Head of Civil Service and Permanent Secretary (Special Duties)
Prime Minister’s Office 
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

9.30 am

Introduction: Santa Fe Institute and Complexity – Science for the 21st Century

Prof Geoffrey West
President and Distinguished Professor
Santa Fe Institute

10.15 am Coffee Break
11.00 am  

Session 1: Chair - Prof Bertil Andersson

Evolving software to fix real bugs in real programs

Dr Stephanie Forrest
External Professor
University of New Mexico and Santa Fe Institute

11.45 am 

Not Your Grandmother’s Genetic Algorithm

Dr David E. Goldberg
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory

12.30 pm   Lunch at Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC)
1.30 pm

Session 2: Chair - Prof Geoffrey West

Origin and Evolution of Viruses

Dr Peter Stadler
External Professor
University of Leipzig and Santa Fe Institute

2.15 pm

What is a discovery?

Dr Erling Norrby
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

3.00 pm Coffee Break
3.30 pm 

Session 3: Chair - Mr Jan Vasbinder

Entropy, dense packing and beyond

Dr Daan Frenkel
University of Cambridge

4:15 pm

Foundations and Future: Tags, Recombination, and Adaptive Networks

Prof John Holland
External Professor
University of Michigan and Santa Fe Institute

5.15 pm Adjourn
7.00 pm

Conference Dinner at the Fullerton by Dr Su Guaning

A Celebration of the Books and Papers Inspired by John Holland

Friday 13 February

9.00 am

Session 4: Chair - Dr Erling Norrby

Elegance, Emergence, and Reduction

Dr Murray Gell-Mann
Nobel Laureate 
Distinguished Professor
Santa Fe Institute

9.45 am

Why Complexity Matters

Dr Carl P. Simon
University of Michigan

10.30 am Coffee Break
11.00 am

Session 5: Chair - Dr Monique van Donzel 

John Holland and the Current Revolution in Economics

Dr W. Brian Arthur
External Professor
Palo Alto Research Center and Santa Fe Institute

11.15 am

Biology 2.0: Towards a web-based workspace for modelling

Dr. Walter Fontana
External Professor
Harvard University Medical School and Santa Fe Institute

12.00 pm

Lunch at Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC)

1.30 pm

Session 6: Chair - Dr W. Brian Arthur

Perfect Order: recognizing complexity in Bali

Dr J Stephen Lansing
University of Arizona and Santa Fe Institute

2.15 pm

Evolution of Infectious Disease

Dr Derek Smith
University of Cambridge

3.00 pm Coffee Break
3.30 pm 

Session 7: Chair - Mr Tony Mayer

Closing Remarks and Discussion

Prof Bertil Andersson
Nanyang Technological University

Mr Jan Vasbinder
Institute Para Limes

Prof Geoffrey West
Santa Fe Institute

4.30 pm Conference Closure

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