Nanyang Technological University

Greener Energy for Maritime Industry


Aiming to provide eco-friendly maritime technologies to the industry, NTU's Maritime Institute and Energy Research Institute has launched a Maritime Energy Test Bed to develop cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions

Solutions in development include creating next-generation filters, known as Scrubbers that reduce harmful ship emissions. The facility also houses research on biodiesels; an eco-friendly source that is renewable and burns cleanly. The test bed also serves as a platform for Polytechnic and University students to conduct eco-friendly research of their own, with the hopes of equipping them with relevant knowledge and skills for the future.

Moving forward, NTU's Maritime facility will continue to hone its studies on alternative energies and technological upgrades to perfect the cleanliness of fuel emissions. With your contribution, making reusable and clean energy mainstream could be one step closer to reality.

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